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Charles asks…

Is there a non Rx treatment for adult ADHD?

Is there a holistic treatment? Maybe some kind of diet? I’m wary of prescription meds.

barry jennings answers:

Please look at He has developed a brain balancing cd based on biofeedback-I am a mental health counselor getting certified in biofeedback. His CD makes it affordable and you listen to it at night. Biofeedback is as effective as medication without causing damage BUT insuranse usually doesn’t cover it except for pain and anxiety. I urge you to look at that site…he focuses on the brain wave balancing which is increasing thought frequencies drugs try to balance but biofeedback does as well and on diet.

Diet is huge and there are many sources for that around including skipping processed foods, food coloring, getting extra protein and fatty acids. Excercise is big too.

By the way, I just know him and don’t anything back from referrals from him. It is a crime the way many good therapies that can REVERSE the diagnosis are ignored. I was once diagnosed…

Donna asks…

Adult ADHD and about to lose my job! Need medicine information!?

I was recently diagnosed with adult ADHD at the age of 25. It explains why I would always mess up on the job (I was in major denial back then.) I would lose my keys on a daily basis, I couldn’t stop fidgeting, and everybody always said I was hyper.

I was at a law firm as a clerical assistant for three years. After getting married, they laid me off (they told me they didn’t need my position in the firm anymore, that they were re-structuring.) I was devastated. A week later, I found a new job that didn’t pay as much, but the job seemed more up my alley. (No running around, answering phones, etc.)

The problem is…I work in accounts receivable. I am a Cash Applications Specialist and I have to take all the money in checks, credit cards, EFT’s, etc…and apply them to the proper accounts. I have to use three different forms of software. I get overwhelmed on Mondays, because they are the worst. Those are when I get soo many payments that it is hard to keep up.

I was very fast, but made countless errors. I accidentally posted a check for 25,000 DOLLARS!! They almost fired me, but gave me a solid warning. I still keep making little tiny errors…I even accidentally swiped some checks off the desk into the garbage can…I noticed the pile was missing and spent 10 minutes walking around the office crazily trying to find them when I looked through my trash can and there they were! Luckily nobody knew about this…but I am still very embarrassed.

When they told me to slow down, I did. It took every bit of effort for me to concentrate and not make mistakes. My supervisor noticed that I was very slow. She said that is not acceptable, that I need to budget my time better, as I have to get these payments applied by the end of the day. I realize NOW that what would normally take an average person 2 seconds to figure out (we have to do a lot of investigative work to figure out where payments go), takes me 5 to 10 minutes. I will stare at the screen, daydreaming, and then I realize I was just daydreaming and have to pull myself out of it…but then I slip back into my daydreams…

I really like this job AND the people, despite the fact that they do not like me now. They used to have a lot of respect for me, now my supervisor says I lost their trust and it’s going to take a lot to rebuild it. (If I can.)

I realize now, that I have severe adult ADHD and despite continuing efforts to try to control it through diet, exercise, supplements, and pure concentrated effort, it is useless.

I have decided to go see a psychiatrist so she can prescribe me something. I cannot afford this appointment. I am in serious debt already, but it’s either this or lose my job and then REALLY be in trouble. I will be using my credit card for this.

I don’t know what to do, how does this usually go with the psychiatrist? Is there any medicine you can recommend for me that will work but not be too expensive? I heard bad things about ritalin and my husband doesn’t want me to take ritalin.

Please help me!! I am desperate and at my wits end! I cannot lose this job! I just got it three months ago and I know even if I get another job, I will mess up on it as well! (I messed up on all my previous, various jobs)

barry jennings answers:

Possibly adderall. It helped me a lot back in the day but I would take it at random times on random days only when I felt I could benefit from it. I did this to prevent getting addicted, and I never took more than my prescribed dose. However, you should definitely take it on a regular schedule so you don’t cause negative effects (affects) on your brain and behavior like what happened with me years down the line. I thought I was taking it in a smart way but I wasn’t and a few times I got way angry and my anger was a little extreme and I tried to smash my guitar and broke a few things. It made me easily irritated/irritable when it would kick in if I had been taking it for days or weeks in a row without much food or sleep, since it kills your appetite and gives you insomnia.

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