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Ken asks…

How do I convince a doctor I have ADD?

I want to pretend I have ADDfor the simpole fact that I want to get a prescription for Adderall. My sister has ADD/ADHD and I believe that I have a concentration problem, I really do, I can never concentrate, it’s not being lazy or bored- I always try. I NEED to concentrate, I sometimes zone out when people talk to me, can’t read books because I zone out and I can’t follow intructions – I have to keep repeating to myself to concentrate,so that I get one little piece of information. Maybe I have it, I don’t know, I don’t care if I don’t….but I NEED something to help me concentrate. My diet is not a problem, I’ve been making sure I have everything I need. This isn’t a case of not being able to concentrate once in a while, it’s every day, every minute..

What are some key things to appear or enhance the symptoms of ADD? What should I say? Or shouldn’t say? What kinds of tests would they run?

Do you think it’d be hard to pull off even if I didn’t have it?
I’m 16 (I’ve notived this my whoel life).
No telling me I’m wrong to be wanting something I might not have.
i just going to ignore answers that convince me not to, dont’ bother xD

barry jennings answers:

It’s not as cut and dry as showing signs and symptoms honey, you’ll need to have a full assessment. Although it does sound like you have a concentration problem. You should go to the doctor, and be honest about your problem, they will then treat you as you need, not as you see fit. After all, taking drugs for a problem you don’t have will only make you worse. I know you don’t want ot hear that, but trust me, the doctor will know if you’re trying it on.

George asks…

Need IQ stats, (age, education, region, incarceration, religion, salary, etc)?

I’m looking for data on IQ in regards to: age, education, region, incarceration, religion, salary, computer usage, demographics, rural vs city, public vs private schools, educational attainment, marriage, divorce, children, employment, ADHD, ADD, ethnicity, sleep patterns, drug usage, diet, television habits, movie and book preferences, etc, you get the idea.
I basically want as much data as I can get my hands on. Anything IQ related is worth posting, especially if it is something of note.

Important note: I’m having difficulty finding unbiased and unpolitical information of this sort on the net. There seems to be an awful lot of dubious election/IQ stats out there in an effort to attack the other side.

I’m looking for studies…charts, graphs, raw data etc.

barry jennings answers:

You would do best researching databases. JSTOR and EBSCO will both have hundreds of relevant studies for you; links on here won’t work, because I don’t know what you have access to.

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