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Lizzie asks…

Why i feel very lethargic,tired,drowsiness and poor concentration all the time?

Okay, i am 27 years old.I am a bachelor and i am living with my friends.I am having my food most of the time in restaurants.I have very bad diet history.I hardly had any nutritious food in my child hood.Now a days i feel very lethargic,tired,drowsiness and fatigue on top of that poor concentration .I started to procrastinate all my important work.I am easily distracted.some times i feel very anxious,nervous,depression and restlessness. I have mood swings too.Very easily irritable and short fuse.Food sensitivities . What could be the reason ADD or ADHD,Anxiety, Personality disorder,Nutrition deficiency,poor nutrition absorption,any parasite infections, intestinal worms anything else.May be i am too much worried if it is psychological or poor nutrition i can take care of those things. But my doctor does not take me seriously he is simply laughing at me and ask me to come some other day for some psychological treatment.But my intuition says that something is not okay.My health condition affecting my life, job, and relationships in many ways(poor concentration, anxious, nervousness, mood swings etc) please give me some elaborate answer. Thanks in advance.

barry jennings answers:

I’d suggest starting with nutrition. That includes all things you consume including pharmaceuticals.

But first take a look at your diet and discover how much Bisphenol-A you consume. This chemical is a neurotoxin & is known to cause symptoms that mimic depression because it is a dopaminergic system disruptor.

BPA is also an endocrine system disruptor. It has many studies confirm and has many other potential health side effects.

BPA is in plastics,receipt paper, canned food liners, microwave food containers, etc. It is the reason fast food restaurants stopped using plastic containers in the 1980’s. It will leech into your food through heat.

There are many other other artificial chemicals we as humans are exposed to every day that have serious health effects.

The body also needs Vitamin D to be physically & emotionally healthy, so I would suggest a bit of sunlight daily as well.

I would also encourage one to research the benefits of eating as healthy as possible because it affect ones body’s health. Before one starts taking serotonin uptake inhibitors (antidepressants) find out the potential side effect as well, they seriously affect your brain chemistry. The brain is a physical organ in the body and needs proper nutrition just like the heart.

Sandy asks…

does she and i have bipolar? please help?

ok so this is really long but please try and help me

my mother is a psycho! like i know that sounds mean but yeah she is crazy! for years she has been unbearable to live with. she never eats anything and when she does it’s junk, like she is almost anarexic and we have tried to get her help even sought a psychiatrist and they just said unless she goes willingly there is nothing they can do!

she has a obsesssion with “saving”all the cats in the neighbourhood…..vaccinating strays, neutering strays and rehoming them and it is all she talks about. she inherited about 20 thousand euro and blew it all on cats.

she is always distant and i fell down the stairs one day and cut my elbow and bruised my legs. i told her and she just started talking about cats and didnt care.

she writes abusive letters to us….her and my dad have now seperated and i live with my dad and sister and mam lives alone with her cats and i cant bring myself to be nice to her.
she has never taken an interst in our lives….ever(im 18 and has left a few times over the years leaving my dad to mind us) she screams at neighbours and embarresses us!

she is paranoid…she wrote in one of her letters that someone got out of a car and took her picture and drove off….this is nonsense!
she also says people prank called her but this is a lie too!!!

she will also be in a world of her own and has often walked right into people in town and does not acknowledge them or apologise

im thinkin that she has bipolar and she will not get help!

i too am begining to suffer from depression and have thought that i have bipolar but the doctor told me none of my symptoms are bipolar
….my sister keeps telling me im like my mother in many ways(and not good ways either)

my symptoms are;
-lack of energy and trouble concentrating
irritated really easy
-i cant stand being in large crowds on my own some of the times and sometimes will get really paranoid
-sometimes i will see stuff in the corner of my eye like people but no1 is there, and one day i thought i saw water being thrown at my but there was none there
-i have a short fuse and get irritated really easily
-ill cry for no reason sometimes
-one moment ill be really hyper(like my sister said it was like i had ADD OR ADHD once) and then ill be down in the dumps the next
-im always getting distracted
-ill speak before i think sometimes
-very very aggressive
-i feel hopeless somedays and i was watching a clip of home and away where belle had cancer and i thought why can’t i get that?….now thats sick right? who wishes for that? but i just sometimes wish that ill get a disease and die so i wont have to kill myself yet the next minute/day ill be talking about college!
-i comfort eat and need to diet but cant and im gaining wait and constantly think of food

i was told by a doctor tha noway is it bipolar and that it’s just depression so im going to a psychiatrist next week but is it possible that she has bipolar, and as it’s genetic that i have it too?

(and please dont tell me that im a bitch for treating my mother this way because i know i am……..and also for my own sake am i right to keep her out of my own life?)

thanks in advance and sorry it’s so long!

barry jennings answers:

I dont speak to my mother at all anymore- so are you OK with listening to me? 🙂
I think that your mother sounds as if she is psychotic. There are milder forms of schizophrenia that go undetected for a lifetime. She seems severely impaired and if that isnt a reason for a daughter to be depressed then I can hardly think of a better one.
My mother has borderline personality disorder, and at times she is psychotic too. She has abused me for a lifetime and is in total denial of it- telling me it is all my fault. I believed her, and had to go to psychotherapy to figure out what was what, and the analyst told me that my perceptions were right and hers were distorted. That was a relief.
All of the symptoms you have listed are things that I and many many other people have felt or experienced too, and I know that I am not bipolar or have any personality disorder at all. I am sure that your experience with psychotherapy will be a good one for you, because I can already tell that you have a good and clear head on your shoulders. I can tell that by what you wrote. You question yourself- and I bet your mother doesnt question herself- am I right? That is a sign that you are healthy and your mother isnt. Just make sure you go to a good therapist. I would suggest someone from a psychoanalytical institute, or who has psychoanalytical training.
Good luck! And have a happy life. Our mothers are tragic figures- but we dont have to be.

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