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Betty asks…

If ritalin dosnt work for you what can you try?

I tried ritalin for a few months and it didnt work. I needed it as I couldnt focus or concentrate and had impending exams and it was out of control. I have most symptoms of ADD and ADHD but I prefer to cope without meds but that cant happen anymore as my future is on the line. I need something strong.
I feel mentally sluggish as well. The reason I think that the ritili didnt work is it is hard to explain but it was kinda triggered by things that stessed me out and other stuff and although I deffinately have had ADD and mild ADHD as a child . I would prefer advice on meds that people think may work or have experience of or something herbal or even meditation or reading or something that people feel may have worked.

please try to avoid advice about talking to someone as although I appreciate this kinda concern I am looking ito this as a seperate matter , or being critical etc as I would just like deal with this just now .
Also the whole healthy diet and omega 3 thing is not working either.
p.s this may sound like a mild enough problem but it like I live in another dimension my life is so messed up because of it.

barry jennings answers:

It’s vital to eat well to stay fit. Acai berry is an awesome super food that keeps you fit and in addition has the bonus of assisting you to lose lots of weight. There is a free trial going on currently at , try it out, how worse could it make things?

Ken asks…

helping a child focus?

I have a 5 (almost 6) year old son. He is extremely hyper, both at home and school. He just started Kindergarten this year. He runs, yells, and doesnt seem to want to focus on many things. I am just looking for some ideas on ways to help him focus better and be a bit more calm except in certain situations.

Please do not offer any ideas involving drugs. I do not believe there is anything mentally wrong with my child. I do not think he has ADD or ADHD or anything even close to that. I have been reading some articles online that suggest diet changes, and activities to help young children focus, but they dont give much for detail. Only says that they exist. Let me know what may have worked for you.

barry jennings answers:

Make sure your child is getting enough sleep, at least 10 hours a night. Get your child up early, give him a good nutritious breakfast (including a balance of protein, fats and carbs ((complex carbs!!!)), and then have him exercise BEFORE school. This will help him burn off some energy from breakfast and will likely help him focus and do better in his school work.

Make sure he is taking his vitamins! Omega-3 fish oils and Vitamin D should be a part of his daily routine (feel free to check with your doctor about this). Also, make sure his iron levels are good, one thing we’ve found is that my young sister (9) becomes rather unruly if she’s low in iron. This may not be your problem, but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

Limit his processed foods and foods with artificial colours and dyes, and of course feed him healthy balanced foods avoiding a lot of sugary treats.

Lots of structure in his schedule is important, with lots of exercise which will benefit his body and mind. Offer him a variety of activities to do during the day, avoid more than an hour or two of TV and Internet a day. Make sure the TV goes off at least an hour before bedtime. Have him do quiet activities (reading, colouring, drawing, whatever) before bed time because TV can be a huge stimulant and may keep him up a little later than you had hoped.

Praise his calm and good behaviours genuinely. This will encourage him a lot!

That being said, you can’t say without a professional opinion that your child doesn’t suffers from ADD or ADHD. I think you’re right to try and think of other solutions before jumping to that conclusion and I applaud you for that, but don’t look at those problems and say “my child ain’t crazy, he doesn’t have that!”. It’s not like that at all. Even if he does have ADD or ADHD, you don’t have to jump right to drugs to treat it.

Good luck!

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