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Lisa asks…

When you Ex Husband thinks he is God?

Our Daughter has ADD not ADHD and , after one year of telling him I think she has it I alone chose meds its a low dose 10mg Adderall xr.

I went with diet, I had her tested for everything you named it I have tried it on my own and own cost, I hated meds as well as my ex but I gave in and said ok I will try it and it does work for her, not alone with behavior management, and her diet as well.

No matter what I do or say he will no listen and refuse to give her the meds, not to point out he “claims” for it to give her bad dreams but lets her watch a “horror movie with him before bed .

He sees how I am hurting him not doing what is best for out daughter who is 7.

Well he made his visit 1 of 20 in 5 years and I told him and he refuses to medicate says the school is full of it I am full of it .

With todays Medical advances I would be told I have add and he would be told he has adhd, its no ones fault she just got it from us by nature lol

anyone know how to deal with this

She is ADD not ADHD , lack of focus is her issue and when I put her on the meds she said the light came on in her head . Her normal kid behavior I see it as just being a kid

barry jennings answers:

Have the child’s doctor tell your ex-husband that this medication is necessary for your child’s health. And if after that he still won’t give the child her doctor-prescribed medication, get your lawyer to go back and ask for the visitation to be changed to supervised-only on the grounds that the husband will not give the child the doctor-prescribed medication as directed by the doctor. Take care.

Lizzie asks…

People With Hypothyroidism? Adderall/Vyvnase, please answer trying to help my mom?

so i feel bad for my mom, she’s had a hypothyroidism ever since i was born. even though my mom hasn’t been the best mom [but that’s a different story], i feel bad for her with the whole thyroid thing.

it makes her gain weight so easily and it affects her dieting [and the underactive thyroid makes her extremley moody aswell, even though it doesn’t all people].

she exercise so much it’s not even funny, if i literally in all seriousness exercised as much as she does i would lose “ATLEAST” lose 13 pounds a week. it’s like i’ve never seen one person work so hard to lose/maintain her weight. and as many things she doesn’t do or get one, she sure as heck sticks to the exercise.

well, i take adderall and vyvanse for ADHD, impulsiveness, and depression [i have the form where you’re not hyperactive, since they just change ADD to ADHD aswell]. i read on the papers that comes with the meds that you shouldn’t take the meds if you or your family has thyroid issues. so i researched that a bit and it’s fine to take it as long as it’s hypOthyroid problems and not hypERthyroid problems. so it was cool for me take it.

so i’ve heard/read it can seriously help with almost all symptoms and help underactive thyroid.

here’s my question, do you think they’de actually perscribe it for my mom?? she doesn’t have ADHD, but hypothroid does effect concentration so the meds would help her with that aswell.

yes, i know that there are other meds for underactive thyroid, but my mom won’t take them. can’t remeber why though, it did something she didn’t like and she hated going to the doctor on a really regular basis.

but if she gets perscribed to ADHD meds she could just go whenever i go to the psychiatrist for my meds.

barry jennings answers:

She and you probably have celiac disease. I had hypothyroidism, ADHD, weight gain, moodiness, and a whole host of other symptoms. It’s an autoimmune reaction to gluten. When I stopped eating gluten, I lost 20 pounds, my ADD went away in like a week, my depression and anxiety went away in a couple of days and my thyroid issues were gone in a few months. I just got tested and my thyroid labs are within normal limits without meds. If you want more of an explanation as to why it causes all those problems let me know. It attacks all your organs and causes widespread damage. You guys can treat all of this with dietary changes and without medications.

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