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Steven asks…

I am a psychotherapist but I do not deal in any kind of psychopharmacy. I have been diganosed with ADD …….?

I have had it my whole life.I used to be called a procrastinator. But, I am very high achieving and would generally get everything done. My Psychology and Therapy Proffessors would always laugh and call me their Type A- ADD student. I really only lack in one area and that is motivation. It is horrible and I end up just feeling miserable about it.

Every few months or so my Dr. gives me a prescription for diet pills Yes, lord I need to lose about 50. I dont take them every month. But, when I do take them something biological happens. Its like my body has been thirsting for this. So, I get motivated and stay motivated. It is great for me and my family.

So, my question is this.. I have heard of meds given to people like me that have ADD. Is whats in it an upper or an amphetamine? Let me say that I do not have ADHD at all. I just have the distracted kind. I think I am high functioning and noone really knows. Its a full tims job hiding this from the people I can.

I just would like to be normal and not get so overwhelmed and stimulated with chaous and such.

If you have a personal story you want to share or any info on this I would greatly appreciate it. I start a new job in a month and I have4 weeks to get my act together.

barry jennings answers:

ADD, motivation, and procrastination are addressed in sections 22 – 25, 28, & 26, at You can eat a LOT, yet still lose weight, and have a LITTLE of your favorites every day, to prevent cravings, by consuming mostly low energy foods, such as cucumber, tomato, capsicum/bell peppers, celery, onion slices pickled in vinegar, grated carrot, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, watercress, alfalfa, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, capers, a few olives, etc., with some lean protein, to delay the emptying of your stomach. Have a large glass of water 20 mns before eating. If you don’t drink enough water, you won’t lose weight as quickly!

One of the tips I got through is to stir half a teaspoonful of hot paprika, or chilli powder, into a glass of water, and drink it just before eating, and you will eat less, as a result. Section 56, at ezy-build addresses eating disorders. If you are one of the 40% of people who are fairly suggestible, you may wish to consider professional hypnotherapy, or: View: ALTERNATIVE HEALTH – HYPNOTISM FOR WEIGHT LOSS in section 81, at ezy build.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

FREE, at or enter: “weight loss” in the searchbar, at (a choice of many), or: Weight Reduction (ISBN: 1-933154-16-0) & (ISBN: 1-933154-17-9)

A weight reduction hypnotherapy tape or CD with suggestions for eating healthy food, and with a focus on eating less. This hypnotherapy audio tape or CD will help empower you with the desire to make better food choices. By Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Those medications you describe are addictive, and bad for your body. Check yours out at: & & & & Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily: (certified free of mercury) it is best if consumed with an antioxidant, such as an orange, or grapefruit, or their FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice. If vitamin E is added, it should be certified as being 100% from natural sources, or it may be synthetic: avoid it.

Richard asks…

Does this sound like I have Diabetes?

I am a 15 year old white girl. I am 4’11 1/2. Weigh anywhere between 89-93 pounds. No one in my immediate family has Diabetes. Though I think some extended family members *might* have type two Diabetes. My mom is 47 and obese and has insulin resistance.

I have always been in the underweight to a good weight category for my weight. As of right now my BMI is in the normal range. I have NEVER EVER been overweight not even by one pound!

I eat horrible. I eat tons of chocolate in a day, I go through about 10 cans of Pepsi in a day (and this is the only beverage I drink I don’t drink anything else, ever.) I have lots of frozen things, have pizza for breakfast, will have pepsi for breakfast, eats TONS and tons of chocolate in a day, eat lots of white bread. And I get very little to no exercise.

I have ate like this since I was 2 years old. I started eating candy and drinking pepsi and haven’t stopped since. Always had a horrible diet.

But my siblings have had a bad diet also and my mother as well (maybe not quite so terrible as mine.) and they don’t have Diabetes.

I literally have almost every symptom of Type 2 Diabetes.
Fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired. But is this because of diabetes, or just because I have a bad diet and don’t get enough sleep?
Excessive thirst. I don’t know if I would call this “excessive.” Maybe increased. But is this because of Diabetes, or because I only drink Pepsi and I heard that’s dehydrating and I eat a lot of salty food and of course now it’s summer and it’s hot out. And your supposed to drink like 8 glasses of water a day and I drink… none. So maybe normal?
Excessive urination. Again. Don’t know if I would call this excessive. I don’t know if I go a normal amount or not. And maybe just UTI’s. I wet my bed twice when I was 13 and that freaked me out. Since I hadn’t done that since I was like 6. And I haven’t ever done it since then though.
Unexplained weight loss. I don’t know if I’m losing a bunch of weight or not. I haven’t gained any weight in a while. (don’t know how long.) But I can be 92 pounds one day and the next weight 87. so?
Always hungry. Again, don’t know if this is abnormal or not. Maybe a growth spurt? Or just a normal amont of hunger since I eat so bad?
And I get frequent UTI’s. I don’t know if this is really UTI’s or not. I have been getting what I think is on and off recurrent UTI’s for about 8 months now. Never been diagnosed by a doctor or anything. Don’t know if it is a UTI or not. But the symtoms seem to disappear without going to a doctor or doing anything for it.
Blurry vision. My vision is blurry in things off in a distance I have to be up close to see. But Diabetes or a need some glasses? Haven’t been to an eye doctor in years. My dad and brother and sister and pretty much every extended family member has glasses. So maybe just need some glasses? It is getting worse though.
I have a hard time concentrating. I don’t know if this is a symtom or not. I don’t have ADD or ADHD. Maybe it’s just from all of the suger?
Wound healing. I think my wounds heal at a pretty normal amont. I small scratch takes a day or two to scab over and bleeding stops within just about 15 seconds. So I don’t know if normal or not? I think it is though.
Also I don’t seem to ever get sick. I seem to have a pretty strong immune system, family gets sick and I am around them 24/7 and never get sick.
My feet have felt numbish/tingly the past couple of days. I have always had very cold hands and feet and so maybe poor circulation?

So yeah I have a few symtoms, but Diabetes or just bad diet, no sleep, need glasses, etc?
My family all has the same diet as me and my mom and sister are overweight and my sister is 25 and has a really bad diet too but doesn’t have Diabetes. And I am young and skinny. And my mom is obese and old but doesn’t have it!!!

And nobody has ever said anything like “wow you drink a lot, eat a lot, etc.

I have had these symtoms for 2-3 years. And other than the vision they have all stayed about the same hasn’t really gotten any worse. And I have grown/gained weight since then. And I have uh reached puberty so.

About a year and half ago and I had drop of blood taken and had to pee in a cup for unrelated reasons and everything was normal. If I had Diabetes would anything been abnormal in these tests? I had symtoms of at least a year before this.

Going to a doctor isn’t an option. I mentioned this to my mom one time but she didn’t believe me and I don’t think I will be going to the doctor to get a blood sugar test done so…

Sorry if this is so long but am wondering if you guys thought I had Diabetes or not with these symtoms and my history?

Any help would be greatly apperciated.

barry jennings answers:

Put it this way I have Diabetes type 2 and you get blurry vision from high sugar in your system. High sugar content can put you in a coma or even kill you. Fatigue, Excessive thirst, vision is blurry all could be from high sugar. Your killing yourself drinking that much soda and chocolate. Your mother is an idiot and you keep this up and it will kill you. You need to get this under control. Since you told her about it and she is doing nothing if it kills you she will be charged with voluntary manslaughter and child neglect and you need to see a doctor that deals with this Yes mother your a IDIOT and your playing with her life.
Honey save yourself if she’s not keep taking to relatives anyone that will listen and help.


Some said fruit and veggies right but even many of those turn to sugar you have to test you sugar ever day to see if it’s high or low. Remember carbs turn to sugar. Honey this isn’t anything to play with it can kill you.


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