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Betty asks…

Dinner ideas for our culture night? semi special diet..?

In my family, we have a “culture night”. It’s when we get together and try a new culture dish and learn a little about the culture itself. It’s an effort to make sure the kids, as well as my husband and I, are learning something while eating something besides McDonalds or some frozen crap in a box.

I’m really not looking for recipes, only the name of it. I can look up the recipes myself, I don’t mind.

Also, my husband is allergic to salmon, and I’m lactose intolerant. I’ll eat anything dairy anyway I don’t care. And I try to avoid anything with the dyes Yellow #6, and Red #40 because they are both linked to ADD and ADHD.

🙂 Thanks for your help, gals and guys.

barry jennings answers:

Curry! There are both Thai and Indian varieties. Both are delicious. Thai tends to be spicier.

Also, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods are awesome, but can be a bit harder to cook. Kafta is delicious. So are gyros. So is shawarma. For something simpler, you could just hummus or baba ganoush.

Laura asks…

easy ways to loose weight?

hi guys! I’m looking to loose weight before the new school year (only about two and a half weeks) I was wondering if there’s any little tweaks I could add to my diet to see more of a weight loss (these tips could be for fast weight loss or just long term healthier choices). So far, I’ve been watching my calorie intake by using an app on my phone. It has put me on a goal of ungainly 1200 calories a day. Should I do less than that or is that a good goal? I’m on an ADHD medicine that sepresses my appetite so I have had no problem following the calorie plan. P.S. I know everyone says “You’ve gotta exercise!!!” but to be totally honest. I can’t stand working out. I do plan on gping back to the gym once I get more money and a workout buddy but for now I just want tips on food. Thanks so much! And personal experiences on dieting are welcome and appreciated 🙂

barry jennings answers:

The fast way to lose weight is to count carbohydrates not calories. 30 carbs a meal and 15 s snack. Milk is high in carbohydrates cheese has none. Eat meat fish and green vegetables. No potato rice corn pasta. Two fruits a day. One roll a meal. Eat just eggs and bacon for breakfast no cereal and milk. Nothing w sugar. Diet jello is ok

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