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Mary asks…

Be my angel and give help me with this?

i know its long, but PLEASE read it! pretty please? 🙂

So here it goes. I think i am going crazy, I swear. I go to one of the hardest schools in my state and god I am staying up til about 5 in the morning everyday doing my homework and studying. But its not because I am lazy and dont like working, I just get so distracted. As a result I end up barely able to get ANY sleep (max an hour) and its seriously taking a toll on me. It is extremly hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time and I have have a hard time working. I am very forgetful and I have a hard time doing things on time. I also constantly lose my stuff. I have extended test taking time at school along with about 20 other students in my grade who have issues with finishing tests on time. Nearly all of them have some attention disorder. I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with me. Am is just stupid? I make ok grades and make a little from each category. I am trying my hardest so its not a lack of will power for sure. Literally its started to have a physical effect on my health. In fact just yesterday I fainted from all the stress (or so i suspect thats why…or maybe my diet idk i barely eat). I am started to go crazy. literally. I am speaking nonsense and I am acting wierd. I feel like im falling apart. I just cant pay attention and all the sleepiness combined with that is ruining me. As of these past five days I have had eight hours of sleep [yes i counted]. So anyway, I realized the root of my problems is lack of sleep which is caused by me staying up late which is caused by being unable to stay focused and finish homework on time. I think I have add but i REALLY dont want to self- diagnose. Even worse, my parents think I am just being lazy. They think I am just not trying hard enough but I am pushing myslef to the limits. They dont think add/adhd is a real thing and its caused by bad parenting. I am so confused because my parents have practically raised me to belive this but everyone else says this is falso please help me. Do you think I have Add/adhd? What should/ can I do to help myslef? I am insanely desperate for help. I mean really Im on yahoo answers asking for advice.

barry jennings answers:

I don’t think you have addadhd.. I think you’re severely stressed and have too much on your mind and should really take a day with just yourself and relax and get stuff off of your mind. If your concentration does not improve they actually make natural enzymes for it which do help (i take them for add) and drinking coffee helps as well

David asks…

CYBER BULLING… affects…. horse section and world?

what are the affects of cyber bulling on children and adults that have mental illnesses? such as bipolar ADHD autism ADD….

What are the affects on Physical illnesses? Asthma, Diabetes, Joint problems?

if you were to ask me, i was ruined at a young age 14yrs old i knew the internet better than mom and dad and ha to put horses for sale…

not knowing what i am doing, having a racing mind, bipolar ADD and ADHD i was setup for failure. failure isnt even close. i was tormented for years… by my own peers. my distraught thinking so erratic eventually i was shoved from school… and social means outside of the internet all together.
a brother that acted like my father, hanging himself… hidden feelings.

That girl you just called fat? shes overdosing on diet pills…. i relate to that. i take 10 bills a day 7 i took since i was 5yrs old.
i am a diabetic, need knee surgery and has asthma.
i have sever depression with it all.
only escape: horses and dogs!
following on what my parents thought right.

heres the best question: WHAT would you do if you had to fight the urge to commit suicide every day, more when you get online and have to do something.

i am the farms advertiser, trainer that is all i do on this farm i do not buy horses though i go and look at them, i do not sell them or make any calls besides set up viewings.

i ask questions to learn.
i take my horses to the vets
i keep there stomaches full
i try my hardest to earn my keep and keep the clients happy.

i say things that i dont mean, i do things without thinking. do you not do the same?
i just turned 18yrs old, i have an abusive boyfriend that beats me every day and calls me filthy names, parents who are constantly changing things (selling buying trading) looking to get out on top.
i am 5’3 and 220lbs i have sever problems. i love horses and animals. i do well by them.
i have sold my parents expensive saddles to get cheap ones that fit the horses, and i am still paying for it.

i want to have a normal life, talk horses with people and not get bullied is that possible.
i want a friend someone who doesnt hurt me. besides the horses.
learning to ignore is one thing. trying to stop it is another… wouldnt you say so?
What im getting at. is that no matter what i post, and where i get jackasses
i try to post something were my temper didnt get the best of me, and the past keeps being dug up and dug up. do you know that stupid fat bitch in ARIZONA who wrote that, well that was when i was 14yrs old. 4 years i have dealt with it and much of it lies. there was no abortion mustang on this farm. infact there hasnt been a DEATH on this farm horse/animal wise EVER. ofcourse i lost a dog 4 years ago and a brother 4 years ago but the whole thing is i have never lost a horse on this farm. i have never taken a horse to the auction, now my parents ofcourse they did infact since before internet when they wanted to buy or sell they went to the paper then the auction. as they trained young horses they bought there then resold them. whole thing is why is this to be brought up? im trying to make sense to you not get pity i go to a “shrink” been there done that” most of my meds overcome eachother some work one day othe
THE ONLY FREE HORSE I EVER GOT: was the stupid ass saddlebred, and i payed $250 for shipping. my client melinda picked him out, she shows english, figured it would be a good much and site unseen i picked him up i worked hard on this horse, a month and i couldnt get him broke, rode english MY ASS he wouldnt allow a saddle english or western had TEETH FALLING OUT at 6yrs old hooks and abcesses. you dont even know the story, i dont ask for free horses, misty does, she wants them to breeder to her “blue roan aka bay roan mustang gaited horse” and the last horse she got for free, i offered to buy before she bred her, midnight you were a good old arab, and she died having the foal right after she took off with my grey arab, and all my tack. she took denny too but he appeared back on the property that night. guess he wasnt worth it.

anyways my client found out he wasnt broke by sneaking up to the farm for a visit and witnessing his bucking madness she said sell him and get me another engli

barry jennings answers:

Bullying is at epidemic proportion these days, and cyber bullying just makes it more tempting for cowards who can hide behind the anonymity of the computer screen. One doesn’t have to be suffering from a mood disorder to be profoundly affected by it.
Putting this information on here is, unfortunately, an invitation to the bullies to have at you. If bullies were compassionate, they wouldn’t enjoy bullying, so when you appeal for compassion, you become fair game for bullying 101 target practice.

You are making yourself too vulnerable and that will get you hurt. Coming onto a public online forum and sharing all of this is like walking alone through the ghetto at night and into the middle of a drug deal in a gang war zone and expecting to be off limits because you are using crutches.

You can’t stop the bullies from bullying, but you can make yourself into less of a target. The kind of information you are sharing indiscriminately in this question is really too personal to be shared with strangers on the internet.
Add………………….. I also agree with Ziggy that you need to access professional help with some of the issues you are describing. You need to develop the skills to take charge of your health and happiness.

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