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Charles asks…

Is it too late to improve my health?

I am only 13 years old, and I know that I can change today, but I feel like I’ve already done irreversible damage.

-I’ve been exposed to the harsh Florida sun for 2 to 3 hours a day in a swimsuit for almost 3 years.

-I have a better diet now, but I used to eat large quantities of fast food and candy.

-Ever since I was 10 (when I moved down here), I have gotten an average of 6 hours of sleep a night. It’s difficult to get more, as I have some form of ADD/ADHD. Will this stunt my growth? I’m 5’5.5 now, but I constantly feel like the short one.

barry jennings answers:

Of course you can improve your health.
Some damage is inevitibly irreversible, but not all of it.

Nancy asks…

is flouride bad for you?

i got a bulliton and this what it said

Don’t Drink the Public Water~
and throw out the candy tasting numb minding
flouridated toothpaste~
I’ve been flouride free for about 10 years now~
my mind is free and clear~ THINK ABOUT IT~
time to wake up~ to the greatest chemical form of control~
thanks for sharing~
What Advanced Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Looks Like<
TheGaianDragon. com
Date: May 20, 2008 4:50 AM
The Last Baboon

Dentist Speaks Out Against Fluoride

What Advanced Chronic Fluoride Poisoning Looks Like

After avoiding fluoridated water, cookware and toothpaste my health is much better now, thank God. When I'm exposed to fluoride my symptoms quickly begin again.

If you or a loved one have a serious illness, try being fluoride-free for a while and you might feel better

I have learned a lot about why we are being given poisons like fluoride and started a new blog:

Red Pill Reich
http://redpillreich. blogspot. com/

Below is the original intro

Peace, OliviaHadassah

They are INTENTIONALLY POISONING the food, water and prescription drugs with NERVE GAS = fluoride

HITLER and the Russian Army were the first ones to put fluoride in tap water because it makes a person unable to resist domination

There is NO BENEFIT to human consumption of fluoride

Even the smallest amount causes brain and nerve damage

Fluoride is commonly used as a pesticide, roach and rat killer, and chemical nerve gas, meaning FLUORIDE KILLS and is used by the government to kill enemies at war

Fluoride is also anesthesia, meaning the government is slowly anesthetizing you through your food and water

The #1 cause of death from surgery, more than any other complication, is anesthesia

As a US nurse who is now fighting for her life due to lifelong fluoride poisoning, I can tell you we have been brainwashed to believe it is safe and beneficial for the prevention of cavities

Fluoride is actually the #1 cause of tooth loss

I recently discovered that the diseases I was diagnosed with, as well as many others, are not diseases at all – they are CHEMICAL FLUORIDE POISONING and millions of people are unknowingly dying because of this

VISIT MY BLOG for links that expose research that proves fluoride is 100% unsafe, find out if your prescription drugs contain fluoride, and see if your “disease” or “symptoms” are actually caused by fluoride poisoning

Fluoride accumulates in the body over time, so you may not look like I do in this video, but after 20 years it’s possible you will if you don’t take steps to eliminate it from your diet and remove it from your body

Now that I recognize the symptoms of fluoride poisoning, I realize I unknowingly killed my patients by giving them common drugs containing fluoride – a deadly chemical that has no positive effects when consumed by humans – and watched them slowly die of fluoride poisoning, believing they were dying of a disease

This is happening EVERY DAY and doctors and nurses are intentionally left completely unaware of this information

Fluoride causes multiple hormonal imbalances and induces early puberty, depression and ADD/ADHD

Fluoride was used by the medical profession at one point to suppress the thyroid gland

If fluoride suppresses the thyroid, why is it being put in your drinking water?

Why are you brushing your teeth with something that has a warning label to contact poison control if swallowed (in the US)? It’s easily absorbed through the soft tissues of your mouth, even if you avoid swallowing your toothpaste

And why don’t your fluoride-containing water and foods have the same warning label to contact poison control if swallowed?!

When people go to the doctor with symptoms produced by fluoride poisoning, the drugs they’re given further poison the body, causing them to show new “symptoms

We are taught to see these as symptoms of “disease” when they are actually symptoms caused by poisoning the patient

In turn they are given MORE drugs containing fluoride, and therefore their condition deteriorates

Ultimately we KILL the patient, believing they died of a “disease,” when they were actually killed by fluoride poisoning, as well as an accumulation of other deadly chemicals found in prescription drugs that ARE NOT SAFE for human consumption

This is a DEADLY SCAM that generates business for the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies

If the government loves you, why are they putting nerve gas in the water/food/toothpaste/prescription drugs?

Links on my blog are located below the posts:

http://dontforgettosaythankyou. blogsp…


http://www. zeitgeistmovie. com/


barry jennings answers:

It depends on your perspective. Fluorine bonds strongest to calcium, that is why it is very good for your teeth. It forms a substance stronger than average enamel. This is great for people who don’t want cavities. Look at peoples teeth who drink fluoride water versus non-fluoride water and you will see the difference. Since fluorine bonds so well to calcium, it will bond with calcium in your stomach and intestinal tract, keeping your body from absorbing the maximum amount. Notice that areas with fluoride drinkers have a higher level of osteoperosis? This is because they do not get as much calcium as non-fluoride drinkers (if they have the same diet that is).

This guy is way over the top. Drinking fluoride over a long period of time can have negative and positive effects as mentioned above. Short term use, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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