Your Questions About Adhd Diets

Betty asks…

Does a special diet help your ADHD or Autistic child?

barry jennings answers:

I do know that the behavioral therapy for ADHD and Autistic children where I used to work included a full nutritional analysis and then cutting a lot of things out and seeing what helped and what didn’t. Dyes, corn syrup, other additives, were often cut entirely out and then slowly reintroduced and odd allergies did seem to pop up. I didn’t know one child we worked with who didn’t have improved behavior with diet changes.

John asks…

if drugs like ritalin and adderall were taken off the market would you still not believe in ADHD?

consider the following hypothetical situation:
no medications are allowed to exist
good, effective, loving parents
behavioural training
good diet
very little TV computer videogames
plenty of exercise and sleep
low grades
normal to high intelligence
no learning disabilities or emotional problems or other mental problems
and the kid meets all the criteria and has all the problems assocaited with it
does ADHD STILL not exist?

ADHD isnt about thinking slowly its about not being able to control what you pay attention to

barry jennings answers:

I dont’ think ADHD really has anything to do with parenting, or computer videogames…It’s definatly a real disorder..

I just think that it’s over diagnosed by parents/doctors/schools who don’t know how to change what they’re doing to better serve a child’s education… It’s WAY easier to make everyone learn the same way all together than treat every child as an individual.

That said, there are plenty of kids who NEED the meds to function even with in accomidating schools… It depends on the severity of the situation…

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