Your Questions About Adhd Diets

Helen asks…

Do you know of any kid with ADHD that is not in a chav family?

Do you think it’s the diet or upbringing?

barry jennings answers:

Well, in my experience, it is only called ADHD when a parent actually accepts that their kid is obnoxious. I know plenty of obnoxious rich kids who are “creative” or “precocious,” and God help the teacher or doctor who tries to tell their parents the reality.

You are obviously looking for a reaction from people, but I’ll answer your question seriously all the same. Wealthy, powerful people tend to get away with a lot more than others.

George asks…

Anyone have any information on treating ADHD and mild autism with diet modification as opposed to medication?

barry jennings answers:

There is not a treatment because it is not a disease.

Autism is merely a different way of thinking. There is nothing wrong with it.

Are you the Autie or are you speaking on behalf of someone, such as a child?

In either case, the only “treatment” necessary is understanding.

We communicate differently. In most cases, speech is very difficult to perform in real-time. We dont easily convert our thought to english because for the most part our thought is based in feelings and pictures rather than a voice in out heads. We do tend to communicate well in writing.

What is most important to an Autie is social interaction. This person must learn thoroughly the ideas of tact and greetings and introductions and all other aspects. They must be broken down and explained logically or with pictures and examples.

ADHD is a joke. Don’t buy into it. It is great to have energy, dont seek to dampen the high metabolism. What is needed is outlets. I built tree forts and played with legos… I rode bikes and made ramps. I experimented, I read books, I watched movies. I did everything I could get my hands on.

Provide new material often and of every sort. Express your deep interest in things to encourage it. Keep giving things to focus on.

Martial arts or similar forms of training can disipline focus.
Even video games can disipline focus, then its a matter of gaining awareness of that ability to focus and not writing it off to particular interest.

The autie must learn to be in control of focus and interest. Must be given examples of how to rationalize things and justify reasons for action.

I can go on forever on this subject.
I am so overwhelmingly appalled by the misinformation and lack of understanding for autism.
I was treated so poorly my entire life
and only because of ignorance.
Keep seeking information of every type and think about it critically, decide for yourself what it right.

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