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Sharon asks…

What are the keys signs that school age children with ADHD are not on a proper diet or eating what they should

barry jennings answers:

The minute your kid show signs of ADHD. Unfortunately we are hearing more and more of people with this diagnosis. I raise the question is it because we are feeding our chilDren and ourselves more processed foods, and sweets, snacks that are simply not healthy for us??? Seriously change the diet first. My son was diagnosed with that at the age of 3 and the dr. Put him on Ritalin I became concerned that the med was stunting his growth and slowing him down by drugging him. I took matters into my own hands took him off the med and fed him portioned real food, cut out the pop and sweets. He is 21 now and has never had any problems after we changed his diet. And oh by the way he still does not drink pop to this day. Just a thought.

Mandy asks…

Help with ADHD?

My son is 5 years old and hasn’t started school yet he will this fall well for the last 2 years we have thought that he has ADHD but the doctor won’t have him tested until he is actually in school. I was just wondering if anyone knows of some good books or website with ways to help with ADHD like certain diets things like so I can try them with my son and see if it helps him without using medications.

barry jennings answers:

It’s great that you are paying close attention to your son’s needs early on. There are many resources on the web that might be helpful to you:

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a page with some basic information about ADHD:

The page has some links to audio files with ideas about how to help with managing ADHD at home (these are Windows media audio files):

This booklet from the Center for Science in the Public interest talks about diet, most notably the Feingold diet, for children with ADHD:

While diet may not be the answer for all children who are diagnosed with ADHD, there is some evidence to suggest that it helps in some cases.

Again, I think it is wonderful that you are working now to address the concerns you have for your child. If you are comfortable doing so, I’d also encourage you to talk with folks at your child’s future school to share your concerns. If the classroom teacher has a heads up about the situation, he/she can be your partner in proactively finding solutions and situations that can help your child to an early, successful start.


(elementary school principal and mother of three)

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