Your Questions About Adhd Diets

Betty asks…

ADHD and diet success?

Can anyone tell me if they have had success with putting their ADHD child on a diet or know someone who has had success? Also could you give me a sample diet of what you feed your child in a day?

barry jennings answers:

Nope it has little effect to the child if they eat fruit or chocolate because ADHD is something they can grow out of as they get older but allowing your child to rest and relax when he/she can is just as important as letting them run around.

Carol asks…

is it true that people with adhd intake a high amount of sugar for their diet?

someone told me this and it made me wonder because ive been somewhat diagnosed with adhd before and i take a high amount of glucose in my diet

barry jennings answers:

•This is a Natural Prescription for an easy way to transition off of and more importantly AVOID the need for – Hyper activity/ADD, ADHD, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Medications.

Getting off of and avoiding the need for Serotonin uptake inhibitor drugs,
Is easier than most people realize.

#1.) Drink 1 GALLON of DISTILLED WATER a day. Distilled Water is PH balanced with zero additives, (Pure H2o). Dehydration must be avoided. Fluidity is number one.
Note: (Tap water and bottled water contain varying amounts of highly questionable substances like fluoride, chlorine, metals at varying amounts, fungus, bad bacteria / microbes and numerous other elements not beneficial to an organism.

#2.) Consume the Amino Acid TRYPTOPHAN on an empty stomach and in between meals. Tryptophan is the precursor to Serotonin. Supplying the body with ample supplies of Tryptophan / Serotonin is imperative.
You can buy Tryptophan from any local GNC, health food store, and even a Safeway.
Tryptophan is an isolated protein Amino Acid.

#3) & #4) (Essential fatty acids) this is the heart and meat of the matter. Essential fatty acids are only obtained through consumption. ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS are not made in the body. The only way you get them in your body is from eating them. Parents should NOT be ashamed for not knowing. Information about this subject is not given freely from the system. There isn’t good enough money in doing so.

When the Hyper active/ADD, ADHD, Bipolar or Schizophrenic person reflects back on the food stuffs that were primarily available and what they consumed, leading up to them being medicated. How much if any quantities of these next two substances were consumed regularly each month?

#3) Consuming Omega 3 Oil, also known as Fish Oil, It is a polyunsaturated fat, essential fatty acid. It breaks down saturated fat. Omega 3 oil is highly conductive, and is considered a precursor to brain fluid. Saturated fat has little to no electric conductivity. Fish oil modifies the saturated fat to un-saturated fat ratio making the brain exceedingly electric. (Synapses – neuron to neuron communication) Creating a fluidly without resistance or blockage. (Example) No, traffic jams with detours. Feelings of short circuiting, overworked, overheated brain are typical signs of low Omega 3.

Probably not,
#4) Consuming Evening Primrose Oil, It is also a polyunsaturated fat, essential fatty acid. It also breaks down Saturated fat. It doesn’t have as many hoops and hurdles to get to where it needs to go. Making it extremely vital to rehabilitation.

Don’t start, but if your already hooked. Respect, and repair yourself now, before you become further enslaved to their pills. One day the pills might not be there. Where would you be? How would you cope? Fix Yourself Now….

Good Luck…

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