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Jenny asks…

Can someoe please help me with the ADHD diet?

Hello. I am a mother of 3 young boys. One of my children recently saw a doctor who said he is sensitive to life:), could have ADHD..It was a crazy visit. Anyhow I have been google searching for weeks on the ADHD diet. I figured what could it hurt to try it. Also something called FEINGOLD? In order to recieve any of the FEINGOLD diet info I must pay 70.00..anyhow, the Adhd diet basically says no cow milk, sweet, fried foods, anything with sweetner of artifical coloring yellow, blue, ect. I am afraid that I am messing up. If I read the diet correctly it seems to me as a low carb diet. Lots of protein, but can I still give him fruits and chesse(cosidering it’s dairy). I just need a correct menu on what to feed him for the first 2 weeks! Anyone with any exact meal plan..Agh it would help so much! Thanks for any answers!

barry jennings answers:

My son is ADHD. I think overall it’s important for your child to have a well balanced diet. At his age, calcium is still very important.

I’ve also seen diet programs that put ADHD children on high fat diets.

Ourselves, we elected to, with the help of our sons doctor and psycologist to proceed with medication. That may not work for your son as well as it as for our own son. There are risks along with the benefits and you have to make the choices that are best for you and your family.

Enjoy this challenge! Seriously, enjoy the challent and rewards of working with a spectacular individual!

Laura asks…

My daughter is asthmatic has adhd and has severe migrane head ache what diet would be good for her?

My daughter is 13 years old weight is 162 height is 5″ 8′ tall very tall for her age, she is getting a lot of migraine more frequent than usual and asthma is getting bad. I heard about diets that will help her loose weight at least 15 pounds and help her with her migraine and asthma.

barry jennings answers:

Asthma is linked to a vitamin D deficiency and studies show vitamin D reduces severity of asthma attacks. Also, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause asthma, ADHD symptoms and migranes. I found a link that a mother cured her daughter’s asthma within 3 weeks of giving her vitamin D supplements. Worth reading>>>

Nutrients deficiencies that cause migranes – Vitamin D, magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12, omega 3. 80% of children in studies with ADHD were completely free of symptoms on a diet free of processed foods and chemical food additives.

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