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Michael asks…

Any ideas for this 2 page paper? This is a rough draft…?

Hi, I just wrote this paper a few minutes ago, and wondering of ne feedback…thank you and appreciate it.
Chronic Illness: Tourette syndrome

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder. Sometimes being a chronic disorder if it is everlasting. Tourette syndrome occurs when the brain sends messages to the body by the means of involuntary movements and vocal outbursts called motor or verbal tics. The exact cause is unknown, but researchers suggest that it occurs when there’s a problem with how nerves communicate in the brain. Researchers do agree that genetics and the environment are huge factors why and when an episode occurs.
Motor tics can be everything from eye blinking or grimacing to head jerking or foot stamping. Some examples of verbal tics are throat clearing, making clicking sounds, repeated sniffing, yelping, or shouting. In rare cases, people with TS might have a tic that makes them harm themselves, such as head banging. Some people may be able to suppress their tics for a short time. But when tension builds, and it eventually has to be released. Many people have tics that go away in less than a year or mild tics that don’t interfere with their lives. But in some people, tics are more severe and long lasting. People with Tourette syndrome usually notice symptoms while they’re kids or teens. Approximately half of all Tourette patients meet criteria for having ADHD and OCD. At certain times, like when a person is under stress, the tics may become more severe, more frequent, or longer. Tourette syndrome affects people of all races and backgrounds, although more guys than girls have the condition.
There are no laboratory or imaging tests that can diagnose Tourette’s. Doctors only diagnose if the tics last more than a year .There is no cure for Tourette’s. However there are medications such as haloperidol and risperidone that are useful in suppressing the tics. When taking these medications, Tourette patients can have slower thought processes, weight gain and tremors. Occasionally, people with Tourette syndrome as they age might just disappear .There are genetic studies and clinical trials that have been completed and yet, not an exact reason why they occur.
As a nursing assistant, the first responsibility would be to learn about the disease and to know what to expect when tics occur. Caring for someone with Tourette syndrome will be frustrating and challenging. They have an increased risk for depression and panic attacks and we should observe and report and record any symptoms. Nursing Assistants will need to provide and environment of support and understanding, lessening the stress level of the patient so less tics occur. Feeling comfortable around a person with Tourette syndrome will reduce their embarrassment the tics cause. Talking in a calm, low tone voice will relax and not frighten them. Nursing Assistants also need make sure they are following the plan set by the healthcare professionals. After medications are administered look for any side effects and tell the nurse. When tics do occur, place the person somewhere to minimize the risk of injury to them. Nursing Assistants should also provide distractions when the tics occur. Also when they do occur, give a patient a mirror so they are aware of how they look. When assisting in activities of daily living such as a shower or bath, nursing assistants must make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves or drown. A back massage after a shower will relax their tense muscles. We would also report and record vital signs such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure, respiration and the patient’s level of pain after fifteen minutes of the episode. Nursing assistants will assist in eating, making sure they are at no risk for aspiration. Overall, being a nursing assistant to a Tourette’s patient would be rewarding. We would perform a wide variety of job duties including housekeeping, assisting patients, transporting patients and record keeping. And best yet, physical and emotional support for the struggles in life that they will endure.

barry jennings answers:

Your paper has some grammatical errors. Reread it, and run spellcheck.

Now for the technicalities. 1) have you done much research on Tourette Syndrome and its effects? It appears to me you’ve only done a little. Most individuals with Tourette’s are mildly affected and have no difficulty whatsoever in activities of daily living, and don’t require any nursing care except save, perhaps, for unrelated medical problems like cancer. A very few do have extreme physical disability due to the involuntary movements, which could indeed pose a real risk of falls or injury, and inability to completely daily living activities, but most of these individuals are children, not adults, and would have to be transported by a caregiver regardless of their having Tourette’s.

And giving them a mirror? Why? People already have a good enough idea what they look like ticcing. Many people with Tourette’s dislike seeing themselves tic. Seeing themselves tic is unrelated to nursing care. Also, why would you need to get them “somewhere safe” during all tics? Most tics are small, unobtrusive facial and head and body movements like sniffing, making faces, head-shaking, tapping or fist-clenching. They don’t of themselves necessitate removal from a potentially hazardous environment. Granted, extremely severe tics could, as large flailing or jerking of the body could cause someone to bang into something, and be injured. But most cases of TS will never involve that sort of severity.

You need to re-read and do some more research. And be sure to include satistics and cite your sources used; that’s incredibly improtant wen it comes to writing papers.

The Mayo Clinic website, National Institute for Neurologic Disorders and Stroke, Medscape, Pubmed, Tourette Syndrome Associaton and are some good resources. Mayo clinic, TSA, NINDS and wemove. All use easy-to-understand langauge. Pubmed and Medscape are more detailed and written using some medical terms which may be more confusing.

Lisa asks…

Notice of non payment of water bill?

I received this Notice of petition of non-payment today only it wasn’t for rent it was for a water bill owed of $314 this amount includes an amount of 136.50 and an amount not given by the landlord of charges ac cured when my boyfriends Gramma was alive and living in the said unit, we went and tried to obtain help from an agency to help us pay the said amount of water bill and it was refused by the landlord because he claims he planned on evicting us anyways…Thus no water bill has been paid.

We live in a 1bedroom apartment there is 5 of us i recently moved here from Tx to help my boyfriend because his Gramma passed away the landlord knew how many of us were coming and he verbally okayed it as long as we would try to find a bigger place which we have been doing, He also verbally told other people that he knew i was coming and he was ok with it as long as i stated above was maken arrangments to find a bigger place. I have signed up for low income hosing which i was denied so i signed up for Housing which i am in the process of waiting for now, I have been looking non-stop as i am so aware that this is to small of a place for 5 people to live in, This is a private home it isn’t an apartment building it’s just a big house with several units in it. The landlord claims he never knew i was coming or even knew i was here 🙁 but he’s been in the apartment seen me here talked to me in person and on the phone. I don’t know what to do how can i protect my family i have kids twin girls 11yrs and a disabled son 16 he get’s SSI for ADHD…..I would have never left everything in Tx ans came here had i known the landlord was going to do this 🙁 what can i do?

(Please i need kind comments not harsh ones and please understand i understand that 5 people in a 1 bedroom is alot but please take into consideration my situation) I’m scared to death i have no family here at all i just have my boyfriend thats all) so that everyone knows I am not able to work I am trying to recive SSI and my boyfriend also is reciveing that and before anyones says anything smart we actully do need it…

barry jennings answers:

Have you gone to the Salvation Army for help? With 2 disabled people living with you I can’t believe you can’t find someone to help you – I don’t believe your landlord can just evict you, either, if you have been paying rent on time – that has nothing to do with water bill! Do you get food stamps? You need to call the department of children and families and see if they can help – the best bet is not to mention the boyfriend at all and find out if they can help you and your kids – the boyfriend can always come into the picture after you’ve been helped. Good luck!

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