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Ruth asks…

Why do people assume you’re a terrible parent if your child is special needs or has some kind of disorder?

It seems like a lot of people deny that autism and other disorders aren’t real and just blame the parents and assume that their kid has problems because they are poor parents or they don’t discipline them. Now I can SORT OF see people’s point about ADHD, as it does seem to be a little overdiagnosed and some people seem to just use it as an excuse for their child’s behavior. But I still don’t doubt that there are children who really have it, and I wouldn’t judge a parent if they had a child with ADHD because I don’t know their situation. But I think it’s really ridiculous that people deny that autism is real. I mean, that goes way beyond a child just being hyper. Bipolar disorder is another one, I’ve seen some people automatically assume that someone’s child is just a “brat” if they’ve been diagnosed with that. In regards to all of these things, I’ve seen people say things like, “If the parents would just get a belt that would fix it all”. Seriously?? Yeah, beating a a little autistic kid with a belt is a great solution, that will automatically cure the disorder! Please.

So why must others be so judgmental? I don’t even have a special needs child, or a child with autism or ADHD, but I just think it’s really rude when people act that way towards parents who do. Again, no one knows their situation, they could be doing the best they can! I remember seeing someone write here that they saw a kid in the supermarket throw a jar of something on the ground and breaking it on purpose. The mom just dismissed it and said he had ADHD…so in that case, yes, I’d say the mom was wrong for just using ADHD as an excuse and giving her kid a free pass to break and destroy things. But I’ve seen people who have kids with autism saying that when their kid had a meltdown in public, they either tried to calm them down or took them out of the public place, and while they did, they had people giving them dirty looks and even telling them to hit their kid! In that case, the parents were doing what they could, so it was rude for those people to judge them and tell them what to do with their kid.

barry jennings answers:

Some people are so ignorant and judgmental. It’s frustrating. I have Asperger’s syndrome and my parents are wonderful people. It makes me sad that some people, often people who’ve never even met my mom and dad, assume they’re bad parents. Fortunately, I know many people who do not have this attitude. Because of increased awareness, more people understand that autism is a neurological condition and not the result of bad parenting. At least things aren’t as bad as they were in the 1950s, when autism was widely believed to be caused by frigid mothers.

Helen asks…

Can you please help me edit this poem?

You see I’m working on a poetry book that I’m doing in honor of my dad who’ve passed. I don’t want you to rewrite it, just help me edit it and help me make it flow better. I edit it the best I could and with me being ADHD, its hard for me to focus. So can you please help me?

But Ye Ol’ Broken Clock

Will there be tomorrow,
Whether it be sorrow,
With anger, famine and floods?
But ye ol’ broken clock,
Sound of silence, not tick nor tock,
Echo the cries, the future child.

Besought the world, the endless flutter,
With words vivid their tongue would utter,
But ye ol’ broken clock,
Sound of silence, not tick nor tock,
Cadence of the crying child.

Seldom dank the hours forged,
Bloodshed natures gorged.
O’ ye broken hearted,
World berate as time departed,
Heading down the river Styx.

But ye ol’ broken clock,
Sound of silence, not tick nor tock,
In spite lonely orphan child.

Silence forced upon lips of kin,
Treachery sought the worldly sin.
Day to end as time stood still,
A child’s laughter ceases to kill.

But ye ol’ broken clock,
Neither tick nor tock,
No cure for a child’s ill.
Mock the world, the wars within,
Lost all to a single sin.

The broken clock,
Once ticked and tock,
Frozen on a single time.
The long and short’s on midnight’s hour,
Darkness surrounds the earths devour.
Drape the pain, the tears O’ child,
Swept the lands soon beguiled.

But ye ol’ broken clock,
Sound silent, neither tick nor tock.
Quake the fields the bloodshed taint.
The world erupt in darkness still,
A child sickened a timely ill.

Comprehend the wars alike,
Blood soaked lands failed to dike,
A child’s tear cleanse the sea,
A child sought the curse may be.

O’ ye broken clock,
Counting down by tick and tock,
Eradicate the worldly being.
Forever in darkness time stood still,
Expire with them the daily kill,
A child’s laughter ending prime,
As light grows dim, ends all time.

barry jennings answers:

I think this is excellent and really doesn’t need editing except for the first line.
“will there be yet a tomorrow”
I just re- read it and it’s even more impressive. Very well done. I love it.
I’m so sorry about the loss of your Dad and I can assure you he would be so proud of you! Such a wonderful tribute. I know it makes you feel better having written it.
Good luck.
I hope you continue to write– you are very talented.

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