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John asks…

Which do you think I should follow as a profession after I graduate?

Btw I’m in 11th grade and 17 years old, I attend an alternative highschool due to problems with directed classes because of my fast reading skills and quick learning. I also have a problem with ADHD which is medicated but flares up in stressful situations.

I’d just like some input on which would probably be a good option. I come from a low income family and have no money saved up for college. I am good at self paced stuff so I like to learn yes but it depends on the subject. But these are my interests school wise and job wise.

Preferred Classes:
Biology <3
Forensic Science
Family Science
Art (Drawing, Sculpting, etc.)

Preffered Career Proffesions I've Looked At:
Vet Tech (I love animals, and biology)
Geneticist (I love genetics, the fact the answer is so logical is something I admire)
Sleep MD (I suffer parasomnia, I like the human mind, it's so strange and wonderfully unique)
Child Care (I love children, I’m a maternal person. I come from a family of 6, the chaoticness is something I’m used to)
Art Teacher, Artist (I adore art and I have a pretty good skill for it, I hear praise often from teachers on my works. I hear the term starving artist too much to want to follow this logically.)
Author (Side job, I love to write, I read often.)
Paleontologist (My brother has instilled in me a love for dinosaurs, I’ve watched multiple history shows with him on such. The fact that there is a lot to be found and learned upon the extinct inhabitants of our early world interests me)
General Doctor (I like to help people, a nurse would even be fine for me. But I have a huge anxiety with needles, which makes me afraid to go into a medical proffession)
Special Ed Helper/Teacher (My youngest brother underwent severe abdomenal surgery at 3 months, his motor skills are behind and I enjoy working with him and helping him. Since this has impaired his motor function development he has been kept behind in school, I love teaching him and working with him on learning things such as the alphabet and various life lessons)
Preschool teacher/ Kindergarten (I like kids as said before, I believe that the younger kids of our generation will one day find the cures to our more serious ailments and help find things to fix our dieing ecosystem with the right push.)

So yeah, I know I’m a dreamer. What do you guys think? I worry about money for college on these proffessions, I know I can get a loan but I worry I won’t be able to pay it off, that I won’t succeed. I know this is my anxiety speaking but still. I’m fearful for my future in this way, any input and/or experience in these positions would be helpful. I know you guys don’t know me personally but I would like help at what options would be better acheived to someone of my standing. I live in the great state of North Dakota and do not want to travel far to acheive my goals in life.

barry jennings answers:

Maybe you should be a teacher? Incorporating all the english, biology, art interest that you have! 🙂

Sandra asks…

I’m starting to think bipolar might not be as real as some people think?

There is no test of the brain that can prove bipolar disorder. I used to still be generally convinced that I had it, despite this, until recently. I also have chronic fatigue and see a specialist in internal medicine, rheumotology, and nutrition science. He’s done all kinds of special research on immune dysfunction and has won a great deal of acclaim for it. Growing up during my first signs of bipolar I had a horrible diet, as did my mother while pregnant with me. I recently read an article about a psychologist/nutritionist(I’m pretty she’s a nutritionist, but psychologist definitely). She wrote a book called “Psychology of the Gut”. She explains a special diet, one you may be surprised about. She helped people with various physical ailments by changing their diet to suit digestive needs, as well as almost completely alleviated the symptoms of people with bipolar, adhd, and even schizophrenia and ocd. It is also shown in many studies that high histamine can play a part in symptoms of many mental illnesses, and actually hinders a proper gut flora by decreasing good bacteria and causing an imbalance. High histamine can even contribute to substance abuse and various addictive behaviors. Also, many people who are diagnosed with Bipolar usually have low methylation, which further contributes to the histamine issue. I have a lean, generally plant-based organic diet and am on almost no medication for my bipolar (100 mg of lamictal vs previously 250 lamictal, 200 topamax, and 10 mg lexapro). My symptoms are virtually non-existent. I only mention this, because I think physical health, gut health, and also lowering stress through means of meditation might actually prevent the symptoms from hitting hard in the first place. Some of the causes of these symptoms may be more physiological than we had previously realized. There was even a segment done on television, although quite a few decades ago explaining the ADHD symptoms that can manifest themselves in children with dairy sensitivities. And lastly many Europeans scientists have done studies showing depressing is just as easily cured by running daily, than by SSRIs. I wish I had the links for all of these things right now, but unfortunately I don’t. Definitely a good idea to look up high histamine, as well as dr mercola and read his most recent article where he interviews the woman who wrote the book about the gut.

I’m interested to hear anyones thoughts on this and if they have any further info. Also, I’d just like to spread the message to people. I feel like we have a tendency to take high doses of medication to alleviate symptoms, and relatively focus on anything else that could help. These medications generally can also be bad for your health in the long term. I also know that as often times comes with these symptoms we have trouble keeping healthy in these crucial portions of our life, when it comes to eating nutritionally sound foods and exercising.
also, I’m really not trying to deny mental illness for those of you who are suffering. since I was 9, I’ve struggled with Bipolar, OCD, and general anxiety symptoms as well as ADHD since age 5. I had cancer at 14 and slowly since then I have been trying to learn new ways to overcome these things with healthy alternatives. I, personally according to my specialist have high histamine levels as well as a gut that is not yet in proper working order. It has improved and with that, my symptoms have seen improvement too. I just think it’s good food for thought.
@schoolgirl I really wouldn’t take it that far. Although in the 60s and 70s it was generally borderline personality disorder that the majority of people were diagnosed with. Now it’s bipolar. This doesn’t mean the symptoms don’t exist and are debilitating, no matter what the actual cause is. I had a father who was verbally abusive and would throw things and actually slammed me against a wall near the end, right after my mother divorced him. During this time I was 15, I became so depressed, I lost friends, would yell and scream, and eventually overdosed on my medication. These feelings are very real, I’m not trying to say they aren’t. If you call these behaviors “Stupid and ignorant” you come off as someone without the empathy to realize we ALL are fighting a battle, which can sometimes cause us to act in unintentional ways.
@bob Lamictal is an anti-convulsant, but it’s two main uses are to treat epilepsy AND bipolar disorder. Topomax is also very often used for bipolar. I started taking topomax by itself at age 9, and my symptoms went away. Also, 10mg of lexapro isn’t therapeutic for depression symptoms. It causes an instant calming effect that helps with anxiety. These drugs were all approved for my bipolar and anxiety. I’m not sure why you think the particular combination would be especially harmful? I think psychiatric drugs are always harmful in some way.

Reply to the most recent person to comment: Like I said, I don’t necessarily believe in bipolar. Only because there’s no proof that the brain has chemical imbalances, and that it’s just hereditary. I do believe in the symptoms of bipolar. Look up Deepak Chopras “Training the Mind Healing the Body”. It further confirms the mind and body being a single entity, when one is out of balance, so is the other.

barry jennings answers:

Bipolar is just the latest “must have” craze. It is also a come in handy excuse for ignorant stupid behaviour.

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