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Lizzie asks…

Ritalin? ADHD? Overdiagnosis?

What do you think about overdiagnosis of Ritalin for ADHD? Is ADHD even a real disease? Like, what exactly are the causes and ‘symptoms’ of ADHD? Do people HAVE to take drugs like Ritalin to cure this ‘disease’? Please, I’d really like to know.

barry jennings answers:

ADHD is definately overdiagnosed. Some kids do need drugs, but most would be better off without them.

Ritalin is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor (just like cocaine), it makes the kids feel motivated to work when they normally wouldn’t, just like speed or coke would.

Would you give your kid these type of drugs?

Instead why not try and develop new interests for these kids and try and motivate them in other ways.

Hah! It’s funny coz kids end up selling these pills on to their friends for snorting, turning them into little drug dealers!

William asks…

Do I have OCD or is it just my ADHD?

So I am 15 years old and I have ADHD. i also have been diagnosed with anxiety. Im wondering if I might have OCD. My best friend has it horribly and it prevents her from doing many things. She says I have it too most likely, just not as severe as hers. Ive been having symtoms of it ever since I was little. I become obsessed with things. Like for example, I go through stages where i feel like i smell bad. I will constantly check if i do, ask my friends over and over for reasurance (which annoys the crap out of them) and think in my head about whether people may have noticed or not in a specific situation and I will constantly think about it for days possibly until another situation over takes that one. IT causes me to feel overly anxious and overwhelmed and I sometimes cry and feel down all day and feel depressing thoughts (though i know i am not depressed). I feel people will hate me if they see me in a certain way no matter how small and that they will think im gross. That is what i think starts this. I will constantly have back and forth “arguments” (I dont know how else to explain) on whether they really saw. I will also constantly check something to see if it has changed. Like for example, when I was obsessed with wrinkles, I would every 10 minutes completely examine my wrinkles to see if i got more, compare to everyone else, ask constantly if I got more, and constantly think about it, looking on the internet for cures. Also, I would be afraid to go out in the sun without glasses because i thought it would cause more but it wouldn’t be so bad that i could not leave my house.

Also, I sometimes have intrusive thoughts — they are like forcing my other old worries and I get afraid that they will convince me to reobsess over them and i have to argue with that part of my thoughts.

I have these voluntary twitches as well where I twitch my eyes, stomach, arms, legs, so hard that it hurts and keeps me from concentrating on other things. and if i stop i get uncomfortable and anxious. Its voluntary but i feel like i cant stop. When someone brings up one I used to do, I start that as a urge to retry and then i cant stop.

When I do something that annoys someone, I have to keep on doing that annoying thing as a reasurance tactic. I also reexamine things that have happened in the past like if I have those obsessions where if my hair is messed up and people see me like that I will reexamine it to see how much they saw or if they did whether it is obvious or not.

Sorry if this doesnt make much sense.

Sorry this is so long but ill summarize the rest, I have anxiety socially but I dont really have any obvious compulsions (though I do constantly pick at my skin which my friend says is one ).

Also, I feel like it doesnt even affect me as much as it effects others and I can still get on with my life and i dont have any irrational fears that keep me from doing things even if my obsessions do take up like all of my day. Im really not sure. Also, I heard these can be symptoms of ADD?

barry jennings answers:

YES! It sounds like you have OCD. Please talk to your doctor about getting treated, preferably a referral to a therapist with training in treating OCD, before it gets any worse, which it likely will if you don’t treat it now. Also, many many people (perhaps most) with OCD don’t have obvious compulsions. That’s not a requirement for the diagnosis of OCD and the symptoms only need to take up around an hour a day and be distressing, so I would say you qualify in that regards.

Instrusive thoughts are not part of ADHD. Worries and anxiety are not part of ADHD (although many of have both). Compulsive checking is not part of ADHD. In fact, it’s possible that you don’t have ADHD at all, you just have anxiety and OCD. OCD symptoms in children can mimic ADHD symptoms leading to misdiagnosis. Not saying that’s the case here, you could have both, but getting a proper diagnosis will certianly help.

Please talk to your parents and your doctor about your OCD symptoms and ask about getting treatment for them. You shouldn’t have to suffer needlessly.

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