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Mark asks…

How to get your dad to let you have ADD medication?

I have my psychiatrist appointment tomorrow cuz of my ADD and he’s also a therapist and I want to talk to him about how ADHD is giving me a hard time concentrating basically. And I need adderall to concentrate and make my life much easier, but my dad told the psychiatrist not to prescribe me any drugs, what now?

barry jennings answers:

Ask your psychiatrist about drugs.

He’s there to help you, not your dad. If he thinks you need medication, he will tell your father, if he thinks you can manage without, he will make that diagnosis.

Medication isn’t a cure all and ADD doesn’t have to be an excuse. You won’t find yourself instantly concentrating after taking medication.

Talk to your father, ask him why he is against medication and ask him if you can work on diet and concentration exercises for a while, if he will meet you half way and support a prescription to help you. If you don’t have a good habit of trying to concentrate, than medication will be a waste of money.

Mandy asks…

What’s the difference between being “insane” and having a mental disorder? Such as depression, or anxiety?

Or ADD, ADHD, OCD, BDD, manic depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, etc.

In the hospital I went to, they said that we weren’t crazy, and that depression and what not are real health problems, like asthma, or cancer.
So I was wondering where does the line cross from having a mental disorder, to insanity?
What is insane?
Give me an example, or something. Please!

(Truthfully schizophrenia is a little more extreme than the other examples…)

barry jennings answers:

Insanity is treatable, but not curable, and takes away any form of judgment and/or morality and/or ethics that the person might otherwise have.

People with ADD, ADHD, OCD, BDD, depression, and paranoia still have a great deal of control over their faculties and judgment, morality, etc.. Their minds might be affected by their conditions, but they still maintain a great deal of control over themselves.

Conditions like antisocial personality disorder, multiple-personality disorder, etc. Are considered “insanities” because there is very little control there. People with antisocial personality disorder have absolutely NO sense of morality, for example. Because of this, their decisions are based purely on what would entertain or amuse or benefit them, and other people or animals are considered unimportant. There is NO cure for antisocial personality disorder, and neither is there a treatment. These people are pretty much incapable of imagining that any other person or animal might be worthy of consideration, and therefore their judgment is pretty much gone. (One of the biggest signs of antisocial personality disorder, for example, is the childhood enjoyment of animal mutilation)

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