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Chris asks…

Can children with bipolar grow up to be self reliant or will they always need adult supervision?

My stepson has been diagnosed with bipolar, adhd and add. He is 14 physically but mentally (or perhaps socially) 8-10yrs old. His father is in denial about it and I don’t know much about any of it. I just wonder if we need to sock away $ to take care of him his entire life or if he will be able to sustain himself. His Mother is bipolar as well and has numberous health problems. She is trying to state that she would better handle him because she understands his problems. Any thoughts ?

barry jennings answers:

My oldest son will be 13 in a few months and was 9 when we found out he was bipolar/aspegers. Most children with bipolar who grow up won’t need supervision. As long as they are taught and made to understand that this is a life long illness that will require meds.

I would suggest you learn all you can about bipolar not only because your stepson is bipolar but because your wife is as well. Plus the birth father as of now is obviously is not going to much help.

As for saving the money, it never hurt to be prepare. I always say “hope for the best, prepare for the worse”. Especially since some, NOT all bipolars do tend to think that because they are doing great that they are cured so therefore they don’t need their meds. So therefore they might need a stay in the hospital for a while, while they get back on track. Again I say SOME not ALL. And I hope this won’t be the case for your son nor mine.

And if your son does great and never needs help well then you and your wife will have a great retirement fund! Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Why do people make up having mental illnesses?

Everyone knows they aren’t real, why would people put themselves at such low levels for attention. I mean, really. I overcame schizophrenia and adhd with severe daily beatings over a period of 1 year and I have to say I am completely clean!

barry jennings answers:

Well excuse me, but, no, not everyone “knows they aren’t real”, because they probably ARE real. You do NOT get the right to judge a person. If they have a diagnosed mental illness, you don’t have the right to come in and act like you’re f*cking Jesus and say “no, you don’t have one, hahaha, attention seeker”. Are you a psychologist? A doctor? Have you had experience dealing with other people with mental illness? ADHD does not go away, it is permanent. Yes, you can learn to control it, and it does have a “roller coaster” kind of effect, where for a year it may be fine, but for the next year it may be terrible to deal with, but no, it is medically proven that ADHD cannot be “cured” so-to-speak.
If you want to act big headed and pretend you know everything about everyone elses lives, that’s fine, but keep it to your self. No one else wants your petty judgement.

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