Your Questions About Adhd Cures

George asks…

can adhd be cured by an electric shock to the brain or any other procedure?

my 15 year old son doesnt want to have adhd and he is so depressed. he has gone suicidal a couple of times but has been caught and says he wont do it again but repeatebly does.

barry jennings answers:

Unfortunately there are no known cures. I do however feel your pain as a parent with a child that had ADHD. My son took medication from the time he was 5 until I took him off when he was 13. My son went through several episodes of crazy behavior when he was on medication. I truly believe it was a result of the meds and decided to wean him off of the meds the summer he turned thirteen. We could not find a medication that would work for him.. All of them made him a zombie and he was never able to eat because the meds made him very nauseous. By the grace of God he is now a happy adult that shows no signs of ADHD. I don’t recommend taking your son off of the medication, I am just saying it worked for my son. Any alteration of medication or therapy should always be done under a Dr.’s supervision.

Chris asks…

how do you cure ADHD without medication?

I have a 4-year old nephew that i think has Attention deficit/hiperactivity disorder. And our family does not believe in medications to treat him. Can you please help and let us know what we can do to help him so he won’t have this as an adult? Please Help.

barry jennings answers:

ADHD is real. There is a difference in the way the brains of people with/without it integrate experience and information. A safe common household remedy for true ADHD is a cup of coffee. It speeds up the part of the brain that is lagging, and allows the kids to integrate what they are percieving and concentrate on what they would like. If coffee makes him calmer, he would benefit from medication, and is ADHD,

ADHD can be a range of attention oddities, and some ADHD kids are actually sucked in to some forms of stimulation in a kind of hyperfocus that excludes the stuff most people will be paying attention to, so that they will be unable to multitask when a TV is on. Removing distractions from the environment will help him focus. ‘Distractions” to an ADHD kid can be things you would never think of, like a ticking clock or loud wallpaper, or the texture of the chair. A neutral world makes what the grown-ups think is important stand out.

A predictable almost unvarying schedule of activities, wake-up, meal and bed times is very helpful. For some reason changes of plans agitates ADHD kids, and if you give them some notice *before* you are going to do things, like “We go to the park in the afternoon, it is almost afternoon. Soon we will go to the park.” or “I am making lunch, we will eat lunch soon. We are having peanut butter sandwiches.” If you are going to do something *really* different, like go to the museum, or start soccer, or get a check up, you have to start a couple days ahead. Don’t think this is easy, it isn’t… It locks the whole family into a very rigid way of living, virtually unknown in this day of changing plans in transit on your cell phones, but it is peaceful 🙂

There are computer programs that use headsets to monitor whether you are focused, some even use brain waves, to teach you to focus your attention for progressively longer periods, by rewarding focus with movement on a screen, or of a real life toy. These are very effective.

SO. Medication has its place for some children. YOU can get a break from the whirlwind with opportunities for hyperfocus, (like the videogames another respondent mentioned). Predictability and exercise will allow a calmer and more successful life for the child, and brain training exists that is self directed use of software (but you still have to put that in the routine to have it happen). No kid has to go to school to get an education, so much is on media now, and the best teachers of basic reading and math are *parents* anyway (get on that, at 4, because you can be sure that in a year this distractable kid will not be paying attention in class well enough to memorize some 40 new symbols, their meaning and use). One of my children did not learn to sit still and read until 6th grade, but she is now going to college on a full ride academic scholarship based on competition in sciences. She learned her stuff from science and history movies, watched in the dark, with popcorn. Do not despair. When these kids get a handle on what to do with their incredible energy, and if you manage to get them educated, they end up as those adults who need 5 hours of sleep and work at their passions 16 hours a day and call it fun. They leave the rest of the pack in the *dust*. Kids like this grow up to do stuff like spearhead the industrial revolution, the atomic age, and to be Steve Jobs. Smile. He has what it takes to GO places!

Meanwhile mom will need fortitude and regularity (and some breaks), and the kids will need a firm and calm hand, routine, and serious support for their self worth… They usually have the same problems learning to get along with us slower folks that we have getting along with them, so they may have few friends or accomplishments for awhile. Arrange some in whatever they love, and admire those accomplishments.

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