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Nancy asks…

What are some different types of attention disorders?

I Need Help with this!! I only know ADD/ADHD but I need
to find out about different types of attention disorders. PLEASE HELP!!

barry jennings answers:

For example:
DAMP—Deficits in Attention, Motor control and Perception—is a psychiatric concept conceived by Christopher Gillberg.
Yet, it is just an another theory that has never been proven.

Watch few minutes video with Dr. Mary Ann Block to find answers you are looking for.
Dr. Mary Ann Block
“Because of my medical training, my goal as a physician is to look for and treat the underlying conditions causing the patient’s problem, rather than just covering up those symptoms with drugs. I have seen and treated thousands of children from all over the United States, who had previously been labeled ADHD and treated with amphetamine drugs. By taking a thorough history and giving these children a complete physical exam as well as doing lab tests and allergy testing, I have consistently found that these children do not have ADHD, but instead have allergies, dietary problems, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid problems and learning difficulties that are causing their symptoms. All of these medical and educational problems can be treated, allowing the child to be successful in school and life, without being drugged.”

This 2 minutes long video explains the difference between diagnosis in real medicine backed up by science and psychiatry diagnosis like ADHD backed up by personal opinions.

Psychiatry – NO SCIENCE-NO CURES (4:54min)
Can psychiatrists help you with antidepressants? Are there any cures in psychiatry today? How many people have been cured? What are your chances?
Check it for yourself – hear it from interviewed psychiatrists.

Here is a little taste of ADHD drugs like Ritalin
You can find facts about Ritalin in this booklet which is available on-line.
It is the fifth booklet from left…
“Even when Ritalin is used as prescription drug, it may have severe side effects including nervousness, insomnia, anorexia (eating disorder), pulse changes, heart problems and weight loss. The manufacturer says it is a drug of dependency.
In June 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a series of public health advisories warning that Ritalin and drugs like it may cause visual hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, psychotic behavior, as well aggression and violence behavior.”

Carol asks…

How do I get tonstill idis ADHD seen results of others help?

I have ADHD and I know what it feels like the doctors don’t its oboius that my brain isn’t getting enough oxogien and there for I have hyperventilating issues I act on impulse aswell so my breathing isn’t the best how do I get tonstill idis like swelling of the tonstills so I have permission to get a removal I would really apprcaite it thanks

barry jennings answers:

“ADHD” is a fake condition dreamed up by drug companies to get a very dangerous drug into a lot of people it can Only Harm! So You do Not have it!
The ADD is real. I have discovered myself that IF I ride my exercise bike real fast, breathing deep through my nose and mouth, the Attention problem goes away for 12 hours! Two miles is best. The rest of the time I can breath normal!
Just a few days ago I discovered a TV show “Sid Roth” It’s Supernatural. That had a liq, veg. And fruit diet that says it cures ADD! 400 recipes(3 books) and a DVD . I have sent for it! I can not say if it works yet. But you can check it out. #9165
It has just come to me that I am epileptic and several years ago I was able to decrease my seizures by 90% when I was suddenly able to buy Dark Chocolate! A report a few days later said “Cardiologists are prescribing “dark Chocolate” to their heart attack patients because it Widens the blood veins and gets a lot more blood flowing!” Perhaps adding half to one serving of dark Chocolate will help you also?
How your tonsil idis could be connected I do not know.
Have you tried praying to God for help?

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