Your Questions About Adhd Cures

Mary asks…

How do you feel about a device that can increase creativity in individuals?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a type of brain stimulation that I’ve only recently heard about. It sounds like a very useful invention. From what I read, it can have strong beneficial effects on addiction, depression, ADHD, and several other debilitating disorders.

What shocked me, though, is the claim that it can increase creativity within 15 minutes by increasing brain activity in the right hemisphere of the brain.

How do you feel about that?
Think ‘Flowers for Algernon’

barry jennings answers:

This, if it proves to work, is just another tool in the progress of our civilization.

Other examples of things that artificially inspire creativity
Coffee, Ritalin, adderal, computers, before these people have devised ways of meditation and diets or exercises that promote creativity.

The new wave of “Brain steroids” or drugs like Ritalin are just another form of humans pushing past there biological limits. A computer allows you to store and process more info than your brain could alone.

And for those who say this is not natural then look at society none of it is natural. The fact your using a computer defeats your “lets all be purely natural” argument. When society was close to nature and lived simply the life expectancy was 30 – today its 75 cant have a good life if your dead.

If these new drugs and devices prove safe then I say we use them like we use cars because we are comparatively slow or cloths because we lack proper insulation.

What if a scientist using brain enhancing drugs or devices cures cancer due to those technologies. This type of manipulation is a step forward for humans and i welcome it.

Sandra asks…

Did you know that smoking cigarettes improves concentration and helps cure impotence?

Nine out of ten of our doctors agree: smoking at least 3 servings of cigarettes per day can help fight erectile disfunction. Additionally, cigarettes can be an effective and cool replacement for ADHD medication. Ask your doctor if cigarettes are right for you.

barry jennings answers:

As a reformed smoker, “It is my belief that smoking is just a mild form of Penis envy the Desire to suck on something”

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