Your Questions About Adhd Cures

Ken asks…

Why do I feel more comfortable showing affection to cats and dog than to humans even family members?

I am 1 22 year old man. I live with my parents and two brothers. I have aspergers syndrome. I show affection to strange cats and dogs even my cats and dogs. I look normal and sound normal but only have social issues and reading social cues. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar but now it is taken back and they say I have neither but just aspergers and depression. I heard people with aspergers have trouble with expressing and showing emotions.

barry jennings answers:

Yeah.good said lee. Pets and animal are just reflecting us.when we show affection and love they give us enormous.i too love cats ,dogs and all animal. But people are different. They expecting something,if we are act with their belief.then there is no good relation between them.

Only a good unexpected love is the cure for it.whatever the others show us, we just show love.then others too change in a time

Mary asks…

Culturally speaking, how come you never hear about black kids being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

I’ve known plenty of white kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but not once in my life have I ever heard of a black kid being diagnosed with this “disorder”. Isn’t that weird?

barry jennings answers:

ADD/ADHD can get cured through discipline …

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