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Lizzie asks…

has anyone else noticed how people think if their child is misbehaving they must have ADHD?

It seems so many people want to label their kids ADHD. I believe there are kids that have it but why do people just jump to the conclusion it must be ADHD when their kids are naughty? Is it easier to label so when they misbehave they can blame ADHD rather than the parenting?
It seems that 1/4 of questions in here are…Does my child have ADHD.

barry jennings answers:

I agree entirely and when some go on to talk of medicating young children (as a *first* option!) that is a disgrace.
I agree ADHD/ADD can exist but it is over/misdiagnosed these days and is a way of *labelling* children by “experts” so parents don’t have to look at their own parenting.
*All* of my boys could have been so labelled at some point I am sure but they were simply being boys and I dealt with such behaviour by discipline and having them let off steam healthily by having them in the cubs and scouts,sports teams and so on following on from having them take healthy excercise in the park,having proper bedtimes and diet when they were little.
If they threw a major tantrum for no good reason I didn’t drug them – I gave them a smack and then told them that such behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated – that was an instant cure and saved them from growing up into teenagers who thought that drugs or consulting “experts” were the answer to all things.

Edit : I think that we agree on many things as I noticed in the past when I first joined Y!A and linked to you.I *did* block you some months back when things were getting out of hand on here because of *my* views and I felt upset.I see a *few* are still trying to do that to me but you are certainly not blocked any more! (I saw your answer to another question that dragged me into the frame for no reason).

Carol asks…

Why do parents that can’t figure out how to help their children turn to medecine as a cure?

When a child needs attention or just going throught different changes and stages is it right for a parent to pump them full of meds instead of being a parent? What solutions come from using meds instead of Love and patience to cure ailments in children? God bless all who understand!

barry jennings answers:

Its very difficult for many parents to admit they dont know what to do or try. So when a doctor offers a pill to make things better many parents will try it. Its far easier to give a kid a pill then be consistent or get to the root of issues. In this day and age far too many doctors are willing to label children without any real testing and then hand over a prescription. Sometimes a pill is necissary but in most cases i dont think its the right answer. Before people give me thumbs down i want to explain that i have a child with ADHD, ODD and OCD. We work damn hard to teach him to behave and deal with his issues instead of masking them or changing him. He will need to know those things throughout life. And the methods we use have worked well. Realistic expectations and real parenting can be the best assets a child has.

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