Your Questions About Adhd Cures

Lizzie asks…

How many pills of Adderall does it take for the appetite surpressent to work?

I used to take adderall for my ADHD, but I felt like I didn’t need it anymore. I want to do a juice fast because of weight loss and the detox benefit. I wanted to know how many pills does it take for the chemicals to surpress my appetite? I want to know so I don’t have to take alot of pills. I figure it’s 2, but would 1 be enough?

barry jennings answers:

Don’t take adderall. It causes stomach issues in the future that can’t be cured.

Ruth asks…

Why does caffeine both cause and cure my migraines?

If I drink too much coffee it can set off a migraine. But then drinking another cup of coffee seems to cure it.
Can somebody wise explain this to me please.

barry jennings answers:

In normal doses, stimulants like caffeine can trigger or exacerbate migraines by raising blood pressure and heightening sensitivity. However, higher intake can actually “switch off” the perception of pain. In fact, high-dose stimulants are often used in the treatment of migraines.
(Note that a similar effect is found in ADHD patients who are given Ritalin or related stimulants. One would think that giving stimulants to a hyperactive child would worsen the problem, but the high dose causes a sort of neurological “overload” that ends up having a calmative effect.)

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