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Paul asks…

Can you still join the military if you have ADHD?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows if you’re allowed to join the military even if you have ADHD because I was planning on joining either the National Guard or Marines and I was diagnosed with ADHD along time ago. It’s not serious and I learned to control my symptoms. I’m pretty stable. The only downside is that I tend to forget things. Not important things though. Like anything that is seriously important that is told to me, I’ll remember it, but just little things I can’t remember well.

barry jennings answers:

Marijuana cures ADHD, ingest that after you get to boot camp.
Don’t tell them anything, or they’ll drop you.
Don’t smoke the stuff before you go to MEPs,
they’ll drug test you and find it.
But smuggle yourself some in the form of little pills
and ingest that when your attention wanes.

Hide the stuff in False Bottom Safes, like:

Lisa asks…

Ive been receving help from the mental health service about adult adhd and i received a letter ?

Following assessment by the mental health team, it is recommended you would benifit from referral to a psychologist to work on coping strategies. Referral has been sent to your GP to manage medications. Does this mean they are putting me on ADHD medication? If any one can help please.

barry jennings answers:

Luke- The meds may be one way for you to cope, but it isn’t the only ‘cure’. Coping skills are a way to handle life and what/how it makes you feel. Meds aren’t THE answer, but help with coping.

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