Your Questions About Adhd Cures

Mary asks…

What can help cure ADHD instead of medication?

barry jennings answers:

Food additives have become the center of a lot of recent research but to give you my honest (semi-professional) opinion would be that these children that have had behavior improve in this way; usually it is because the food is down to the hyperactivity and not ADHD. The fact is that there are many other symptoms of ADHD that are not affected like this for example executive dysfunction (like pre-planning and forward thinking) and inattention.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown mild improvement but still rely heavily on medication. This is where a behavior plan is devised by both parent and child, like a contract for each person: it may help to alter your behavior to result in a behavior change in the child. It also focuses on formally teaching the child acceptable behavior and why.

You could try reinforcement by setting up a token system. This is where the child earns tokens for good behavior and is fined tokens fore poorer behavior and these could be then exchanged for privileges. This would improve disruptive behavior and improve executive function because the child would have to save up a certain amount of tokens to get something they want. It is shown more effective when exchanges are for being allowed to do something or go somewhere rather than material possessions.

The last thing I would say to remember is to always be consistent and implicate rules that have been established. This include all the adults in their life so it is helpful to alert teachers and such like of practices at home and making sure other care givers do the same.

To be honest, since ADHD s a neurological disorder, most cases are unmanageable without medications and this restores the correct balance of chemicals in the brain but psychological intervention can reduce this need and be more effective in the long run because you are teaching the child skills to use life long.

David asks…

How to treat/cure ADHD without medication?

I have ADHD, but the psychologist I go to doesn’t dispense medication. I have a really tough time focusing in school, how do I cure/treat ADHD without meds?

barry jennings answers:

My son has high functioning autism with ADHD. After a LOT of research, we tried giving him caffeine and protein (like peanut butter and such) before school. We also cut out all added sugar and candy. It really helped him focus a lot and also lessened several of his autism symptoms.

This is not to say that it will work for everyone, but it sure can’t hurt for you to try it.

Best of luck to you!

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