Your Questions About Adhd Cures

Daniel asks…

Have you ever heard of this ADHD cure?

Someone mentioned to me a while ago that she started feeding her teenage son stuff that didn’t have white sugar or flour in it. He was my age at the time..we were both Seniors in HS. (I’m now 23). She said that that, along with a few certain vitamins DRASTICALLY helped him. She said immediately all of his grades were straight B’s (coming from a C-/D+ average I think that’s pretty good) and that soon enough he was making A’s & B’s . She said he was happier and doing better in football as well. And this was a kid that was slightly overweight too. Has anyone heard of this? If so..can you elaborate? It’s supposedly the natural way to cure ADHD.

barry jennings answers:

I have never heard of this myself, but I have son who was taken off Concerta and went on a more natural cure. I started by doing a blood test first with a naturapathic doctor that analyzed where he was deficient in supplements. He is now taking Omega 3 with a high DHA and also Intramax multi vitamin and twice a day he takes Nu-be-calm’d. It works wonders and he has had no side effects and his grades improved drastically. He has been on this regimen for 3 years now.

Jenny asks…

What are simply but helpful treatments for ADHD?

I know that there aren’t actually cures, but what can help a person be less restless, and more focused and attentive?

barry jennings answers:

You can help ADHD symptoms with coffee or tea, the caffeine works in the reverse for ADHD, same as the prescription meds for this condition is a stimulant, so is caffeine. Don’t use sweetened caffeine drinks. Avoid sugar and foods with a lot of artificial coloring.

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