Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

William asks…

How did the drugging of children become acceptable?

Drugs for ADHD? for example? hyperactivity? Why are more and more children being drugged? How did this even become acceptable in our society?
Amanda I wasn’t judging at all. Learn to accept the difference between why something is considered “okay”. I wasn’t judging the children themselves – or the parents who do it – I just want to know the difference between WHY certain things are okay in today’s society than it was in the past!

barry jennings answers:

Cause parents are too lazy to deal with their kids symptoms

Laura asks…

How do you handle your adhd child?

What discipline techneques work? How do you deal with temper tantrums, endless energy, constant need to be doing something unless glued to the tv?

barry jennings answers:

It’s important to realise that ADHD is a medical condition and no amount of discipline or behavior management can control it. It has a physical cause and needs physical treatment.

For starters medication, this is the most effective and safe way to handle the condition. Secondly diet is very important. The wrong foods like those with a lot of colors, flavors and preservativesmake it worse. They need high protien and low carb diets with frequent small snacks to control the metabolism of the brain.

Exersize is essential too, ADHD kids need at least 30 minutes of high energy exerrsize every day to keep their brains in check. Its worth signing up for some sort of sports classes like swimming, soccer, gymnastics, martial arts and so on. For those days they dont have sport things like a bike ride will help.

As far as discipline ADHD kids need very immediate and very consistent discipline.

Some tips.

# Never ignore bad behavior. With an ADHD child it will just get worse and worse and worse until it cant be ignored at all and is totally out of control. Instead deal with it quickly while its sstill managebale.

# Use lots of praise and encouragement. For ADHD kids its easy to earn attention for bad behavior and hard to earn it for good behavior. If you make it easier to eran for good behavior you will se a lot more good behavior.

# The less you say the more they hear. ADHD kids switch off completly from long lectures. Generally if you say a lot they will forget it all. If you say it in a few words they will remember it all. Try to keep your praise and reprimands down to 1 sentence.

# As far as discipline the best consequence is time out. It is immediate and short term, it is portable and can be taken anywhere and ADHD kids hate to be still and bored so it works well. Also it doees not give them extra attention.

# Don’t use lectures, yelling, explaining, reasoning or spanking to discipline an ADHD child. They all feed them with attention so hype them up more and make it worse.

# Don’t use long term consequences like grounding, removing privledges or missing out on things as punishment because ADHD kids wont connect it with what they have done and wont learn from their mistakes. Even if they seem to understand why they are being punished the next time they go to do the same wrong thing again they wont make the connection because it happened to far away.

# Avoid giving too many warnings. ADHD kids need firm boundaries or tthey will just keep testing and testing you until you give in. Correct their behavior once, if they dont fix it, give 1 warning as to waht will happen if they keep misbehaving and if they keep going apply consequences immediatly. If you give more than one warning you aree teaching them they dont have to listen to you the first time.

# Never reason with an ADHD child, they will turn your reasoned comments into all out arguements.

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