Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

Richard asks…

Would you medicate your child for ADHD if they get good grades?

My son is smart, get’s good grades but is disruptive in class. I know he’s learning so must be concentrating. However, he does things like fidget and cause disruptions in class. He often has loud outbursts for no reason. I mean he just seems to lack social skills and acts like a “cave man”, according to his friend. I have done things like taken away video games. I am just not sure he can control his actions?

barry jennings answers:

Speaking as a teacher, I have changed my opinion on the medication issue within the past few years. I used to think that it wasn’t necessary, but now I am not quite so sure. The fact your son is getting good grades is wonderful! The problem is that grades only take a child so far in life. What most adults find is that social skills and interpersonal skills are the most important when looking for and maintaining a job and career. Now, this all sounds down the road, so let’s focus a bit on now.
I have had children that have had a mild case of ADHD and medication is not needed. They are able to function in class for the most part, get good grades, and are able to control their behavior when put on a behavior plan with the teacher. The children that need medication are the ones that discrupt the class on a consistent basis and change the learning environment for his/her peers. My question is, “how would you feel if your child was in a classroom with another child that’s actions took away from your child learning?” My advice is to talk to the teacher and see how much this is impacting the classroom. Go to your pediatrician and talk about options. It’s important not to only consider how this affects your child but the other children in his classroom.

Helen asks…

What is the best herbal medication for ADHD?

The doctors recently diagnosed my son with ADHD. I am looking for a herbal medication without the side effects and dangers. I need the best he is struggling in school and he is very Intelligent.

barry jennings answers:

While not quite “herbal”, but still natural, there have actually been a lot of studies that have shown that Fish Oil can help with ADD/ADHD. It seems too simple, and that may be one reason it wasn’t really looked at closely for this, but I wasn’t surprised it would help when I thought about it. The EPA and DHA in Fish Oil help with all sorts of things including heart health, skin health, and brain health. There was a good article at that covers some of this as well.
Give it a try… It’s economical, safe, and easy. Just make sure that the company you get it from uses Molecular Distillation because that’s currently the only safe way to remove any trace contaminants of any heavy metals. Of course, if you aren’t sure about the dosage or the benefits, you may want to consult with a holistic doctor, as they may have other additional options available to them.

There are also a lot of people who have found some relief from limiting sugar, artificial colors/flavorings, and going with less (or no) processed food to take away those possible causes as well. From research I’ve done, Fish Oil tends to help more, but both work even better together. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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