Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

Steven asks…

anyone know good arguments against medication be given to children with ADD?

I’m writing a persuasive paper right now on why medication is not necessary for children who have attention deficit disorder..and how it can give children emotion and physical problems in there present and future life. If you have any info I could use I would very much appreciate it!


barry jennings answers:

Medication doesn’t work for everyone, occasionally it causes various side effects, but there is no evidence that it causes future drug use and dependence.
FYI, ADHD/ADD, is not a curable condition, and it needs to be treated. It is not like giving a dog cocaine. Refusing to at least try medication in a severe case can be compared to telling a diabetic, “you know what? I don’t think you should take your insulin, I think we should stay natural”.
Except that can have fatal consequences for the diabetic, so obviously the natural way isn’t doing too well there.
Similarly, untreated ADHD/ADD can cause a wide variety of emotional and social difficulties, such as depression, low self esteem, frustration, difficulty interacting with others, anxiety, inferiority complexes and more.
Medication should never be the sole treatment. Many ADHD/ADD people benefit from learning social skills, study techniques, and other tools to help them succeed.
Returning to my earlier point, withholding treatment can have very severe consequences.
Good luck with your paper, and have a wonderful day!

Jenny asks…

Is it wrong to consider ADHD and autism under the same category?

My friend and I were discussing this and he says by describing someone with ADHD as having autism is belittling the person with ADHD is this true or are they considered the same?

barry jennings answers:

There has been a lot of confusion about ADHD/ADD being on the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). ADHD/ADD is not on the ASD and there is a distinct difference between ADHD/ADD & Autism.

Children with ADHD have no difficulties with communication and social skills. And many people still think autism causes difficulty with intelligence, which is not the case. Some specialist think that ADHD/ADD be included in the ASD.

Asperger’s is a social disorder. Which involves difficulty in the following area’s:
Difficulty in social interaction and communication
Repetitive or obsessive behaviors
Preoccupation with particular subjects or interests
Good grammar and vocabulary despite having communication difficulties
Normal cognitive development & average or above average intelligence.

ADHD is an attention and impulse control disorder associated with the executive function of the brain. Which involves difficulty in the following area’s:
Easily distracted
Fails to pay attention to details and making careless mistakes
Forgetting things, such as pencils, that are needed to complete a task
Fidget or need to wriggle around & chatters/talks non stop at times.
Difficulty to suppress impulses, such as making inappropriate comments, over talking, hitting others and may not think of dangers to him/herself & others.
Normal cognitive development and normal to above average intelligence.
Hyperactivity in some people (ADHD)

My daughter & I have ADHD & dyslexia, my daughter also has ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). A specialist has suggested that I have a assessment for ASD, because he felt I had asperger’s syndrome which is on the ASD. I have not done so because it will not change who I am or how I act & communicate.

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