Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

Joseph asks…

What are ways to help better a relationship with someone who is ADHD and other mental issues.?

I’m sure their are millions of people who have ADHD. I’m also sure that their are millions of people who have some type of mental issue. We all have flaws and things about us that make us weird, difficult, or different. This guy i am seeing now has ADHD. He has a problem controlling himself from lying and making up stuff, he also feels the need to not tell me things and keep things from me, and he has anger issues. What could be done for me to better understand him and work with him to prevent big issues from occuring.

barry jennings answers:

My husband has major ADHD. It doesn’t make him lie although sometimes he he ends up embellishing stories a bit, but not outright lying. He has a lot of difficulty completing tasks and has impulsivity control. He has learned to control his anger but he never has physically been abusive in the least bit.

I will tell you that my husband has a very big heart and is well worth dealing with his issues. He works very hard at improving his impulse control.

Only you can really assess your situation but are you sure you want to continue in this relationship. Lying and keeping things from you can never make for a healthy situation. Are his anger issues directed at you? If so, you should leave the relationship. You shouldn’t be abused just because he has a problem.

My husband is nearly 40. I know that it is likely I will have to keep his ducks in a row for him for the rest of my life. Two of his children also have ADHD. Because he was a single parent for a number of years his erratic behavior has caused some behavior problems in his kids.

If you can get him to see a dr. You should. A neuro-psych can do some testing and maybe find a combo of drugs and behavior modification that will help him. Remember though, him being more functional is his job not yours. You cannot change him, only he can change himself. Whatever he does it isn’t your fault. I spent 25 years with an alcoholic and it took me a long time to figure this out.

Michael asks…

What are the symptoms found in severely emotionally disturbed children?

My boyfriend told me that when he was a child he was diagnosed as being severely emotionally disturbed. What is that and what are the symptoms? He was adopted and his parents never really have showed him love. I no know thing about SED and I want to learn more about it. Is it something that can be passed down to a child? Is that something serious to worry about? When I’m around my boyfriend he seems fine.

barry jennings answers:

SED is not an individual diagnosis… It is a set of diagnoses. ADHD is considered an SED, but so are things like oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. I’d ask him to describe his symptoms… Some are more serious than others. As far as passing it down to kids. Some appear to run in families but there is not a PROVEN familial cause

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