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John asks…

Children and ADHD….?

My nephew is 8 years old and is being raised by my mother who is in her 60’s. She’s becoming overwhelmed with his behavior and is basically at her wits end. My nephew has been diagnosed with ADHD and was medicated. However, the medication caused what the doctor called “tics” where he constantly blinks really hard and licks his lips and wipes his mouth….CONSTANTLY….his lips are always all red and chapped and scabbed. So we took him off of the medication but the tics are still there. On top of the tics his behavior is just out of control, he does very impulsive things and afterwards will say “I’m sorry, I want to be good I just don’t know what’s wrong with me” He’ll do things like when he’s dressed for school, leave the house go out in the rain and ride his bike, or he’ll just yell out in the middle of class, he’ll run away, talk back, never ever just listens to direction always challenges authority with questions like “well, why do I have to sit down, I’m just standing here” but it doesn’t end there, he will argue and argue and argue until it turns into a huge blowout about why he should sit down, not interupt people, be quiet, etc. I’m really concerned now because it’s affecting my mom’s health and she’s thinking about sending him away to a special school. He probably already feels rejected since he was adopted by his grandmother, I don’t want to see him feel even worse by being sent away. Anyone have any experience with this? Any medication he can take for his ADHD that will also treat these “tics”?

barry jennings answers:

Hi, my son is 10, was diagnosed at 3 with ADHD. He also had ticks at one point. He is currently on Adderall XR. It is great. This is the longest that he has ever been on any one medication.
Yes, these kids are hard…. But hang in there. They can be very sweet and they do internalize everything so it is probably very important that he get into a stable environment where he can settle in and know that he isn’t going anywhere.
The great thing about these kids is that they are so intelligent… You just need to get his focus in check, once you do that, the behaviour willl fall in line. I also have an8 yr old without it and can say that some of the behaviour is only being a boy… So meds wont be a cure all, ever. But, to give you hope, they do get better with age. I would find a doc, be it a pediatrician or a pshycologist or a neurologist that is very well ‘versed’ in ADHD and take him there. It may take a while to find the right meds… All kids are different. You want to medicate just enough to get his focusing ability back, you do not want to medicate the behaviour… It will take time but on the right medication these kids can be a blessing. Once you have him on the right medication, then you need to get a good routine and stick to it. These kids don’t like surprises, they need to know what to expect at all times. So, if you are planning on going somewhere, give him a heads up half an hour beforehand, then 10 minutes then 5… Or something like that. Alert him to dinner being ready and bedtime 20 minutes and then 5 minutes prior. Have him pick out his clothing the night before so there isnt any problems in the morning. There are ‘tricks’ that you can use to help him function. The worst thing that anyone can do is make him feel like a poriah. I know from discussions with my son that he wishes he could just think straight on his own without meds. But he cant. Other kids can think on the fly, where he has to really pan it out and get things straight in his head to do something. I will tell you that 8 yrs old is a hard stage for a boy, then you add on ADHD and it is really hard. Just let him know that he is loved… Approach the ADHD as a blessing and not a burden. Don’t say that ‘he needs meds cause of his behaviour’ tell him that you are trying to find a med that can help him focus and make better decisions.
I know my son had some serious trouble maintaining friends at that age, but stick with it because they get better, they do…. Now he is as normal as can be.. Except he is on the honor roll at school and is the only kid that doesnt come home with homework cause he has it all wrapped up before he leaves for the day, lol.
I do not know your financial situation, but once meds are stabalized (cause they have to have meds.. At that level of ADHD natural methods dont work, they need medication)… But, see if you can enroll him in a private school with a smaller teacher to student ratio, because school is the worst when there are so many distractions… In a private school they have smaller classes and it is more structured which is a BIG help. I know for my son, socially and academically, private school made a huge difference for him. In the state we live in there are so many private schools that they actually have to have lower tuitions to bring the kids in, so we only pay 340/mo for one kid to go there. Here that is less than daycare costs. And, to tell the truth, it has made such an impact on my oldest son, the one with ADHD, that we make darn good and sure we save up and even use our tax returns to send our kids because I do not want them in public school again.
Anyway, don’t send the lil guy away.. I know just what you are going through. Find the right medication and it will make a world of difference.
LOL, just be prepared also… We saw a counselor because of how defiant he was getting recently.. Not like getting into trouble but he could talk you in circles and wind up making you question whether he should be in trouble or not… The counselor is who pointed out that he is just so smart that they can use that on you, lol. So, be ready, once you get them focused they can use that ‘for evil’, lol…. I always tell my son… You need to use your powers for good and not evil, lol….
Just hang in there, and be patient… It is a long road sometimes, just remember that when he is taking the meds, don’t go off his behaviour go off of how his ability to focus is improved or not. Not in all cases but in some, tics can be the result of over medicating. So, you want just enough that he can understand cause and effect (which is exactly why the behaviour is so outrageous) and that he can focus and maintain focus in school. The behaviour will follow once he is able to focus and understand… If i do this.. Then this happens….

Linda asks…

what are some of the causes of A.D.H.D IN children?

my daughter took AZT FOR 6 months when she was born and now she has ADHD? IsTHERE any connection did you experience it ?friend daughter what is your experience im a consered mom who wants to understand she dilema.what information can you give me that mite help a conserened mom thank you Cindy .

barry jennings answers:

As far as I know, it’s hereditary. It is with my daughter.

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