Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

Linda asks…

Which do you believe is MORE misdiagnosed in today’s children: autism or ADHD?

Follow-up: which misdiagnosis do you believe causes more overall damage (short-term and long-term)?

barry jennings answers:

ADHD is an excuse not a disease.

My husband was going to be diagnosed with ADHD when he was in elementary school because he never behaved and would never sit still. The reason why he was this way: he was BORED. I am not bragging up my husband at all by no means, but he has a really high IQ and at the age he was at he was already exceeding the level the teachers were teaching at, and he was bored and had to entertain himself. They were even going to put him in a special class (not the one’s they have now for gifted students for handicapped kids) so his parents took him out of the school. He graduated from high school early, did home schooling through the rest of his school career, can retain a lot of information (I don’t know how much for sure but it’s way above normal) and even read his dad’s college course psychology books and understood everything!

Now, I do believe there are some students who do have the disorder ADHD, like my cousin, but it’s a medical fact. His mom did drugs and drank heavily when she was pregnant with him and his sister, and they’re both the same way. They are handicapped and it really sucks, but he can at least control it as well. I do not believe the whole Jennie McCarthy’s “curing” her son’s autism when the doctors proved that he never had it to begin with. That whole article just made me very upset, because there are friends of our family who have children with autism and it makes them feel like there’s something they’re doing wrong with their children.

Susan asks…

What causes a child to steal?

My stepson is 7 years old. His mother was charged with child neglect and he has been with us for over a year now. He was recently diagnosed with ADHD and has severe emotional problems. For a couple of years now he has stolen things like candy and gum. (Something his mother taught him to do). Now it has progressed to jewelry, cell phones and Nintendo DL. He has no excuse for his behavior. My husband spanked him a few months ago for punching his teacher in the face. He then told his mental health conselour that his father beats him. Now DSS has said we can’t spank. So after stealing the cell phone he was put on punishment and will not be allowed to participate in any summer activities. Oh, and he was also kicked out of summer school. The daycare has said if he steals one more time they will have him arrested and will press charges. His answer to being threatened with police action is “my mom didn’t get arrested for stealing.
To Frisco, there is never a time that we can reward him. He is very defiant. I can tell he is angry about the whole situation. We’ve tried Boy Scouts, school activities, and church activities. He gets kicked out of them all for his behavior. He refuses to do anything constructive. It’s like punishment doesn’t affect him. He doesn’t care if tv time is taken away or denied sweets. It’s like he has completely shut down all emotions. Personally, I am wondering how long it will be before he is sent to a mental hospital with a program for children.

barry jennings answers:

I’m a child myself. Usually, a child (like me) will steal something if they know their parents won’t allow it. Try talking to him about it when he’s calm. Try giving him rewards when he is nice and polite, or when he does what you tell him to do. Also, he may be lonely without a mom, so try being a mom to him. Give him love.

Hope this helps.

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