Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

Maria asks…

My 3 month old loves T.V. Does this really cause ADHD? Tell me your story.?

My 3 month old always looks at the t.v. Even when i’m feeding her, she will try and watch the t.v. Not all the time, but when she is really alert. She kicks her feet and giggles if I put her in her bouncer. I have a baby einstein video for her and she likes it, but not as much as regular t.v. I looked on the net for info regarding this and saw that some children did have adhd because of t.v. watching at a young age. Did anyone let their child watch t.v when they were small and now they are 6 or 7 years old? Does your child have adhd from this? I probably will let her watch t.v occassionally just becuz I love to see her smile and giggle so much. I just wanted to hear your stories.
I read books to her and she loves to listen and look at the pictures. I’m not suggesting I plop her in front of the t.v, but I did google the topic and found some studies were done on the subject. I’m only curious about your experience.

barry jennings answers:

Children should not watch tv before the age of 2.

The pictures on the tv move too fast for their little minds to comprehend. Which means when they watch tv, their minds try to “keep up” with what’s happening on the television and it causes their brains to work faster than they should. This is what causes ADD/ADHD.

Please, turn off the tv when you are feeding her. Don’t let her watch tv..there are much better ways to stimulate a little mind than to turn on the television.

David asks…

ADHD kid, his homework and behavior referrals.?

My husbands son has ADHD, but attends a school for gifted children.
The boys mother (Pain-in-the-Arss X-wife) is CONSTANTLY calling my husband about this 12 yr old’s behavior….
ie: playing “chicken” in the street at the bus stop, talking to girls at the bus stop, fighting with his mother about doing his 30 pre-algebra problems and other homework every night.
Although the initial agreement was that she would take charge of the children‘s schooling, she now has told my husband that because he’s not coming over there every night it’s causing this child to not do his homework and mis-behave at school.

He never went over there before to help with homework… ever. They have been divorced for three years… What’s up with the mom?
My suggestion was that if she has continual, constant problems with this child then maybe he needs to live with us.
The Mom is having no part of that idea… just continues to blame my husband, her x-husband for any and all problems she has with the children.

What can we do?
My husband is always available to take the kids and we spend alot of time with them.
The X- has started dating but none of her relationships are working out, (surprise!) now she’s worse than she was before.

Any good advice from out there?

barry jennings answers:

The child isnt doing his homework because the mother doesn’t really care if it gets done. If she did care she would be doing something to fix it instead of blaming the father. I have a child with ADHD. Homework is a HUGE pain in the ass. But i dont have time to call and blame everyone else for that. And if i harp on my son it gets worse. He has a quiet area and knows when its time to do homework. 9 times out of 10 he does it. If your step son did his homework she wuldnt have that to complain about. I would seriously suggest looking into changing the custody orders. Its the only way her issues will stop.

EDIT: Angel if they have asked for the son to move in with them the father and her obviously take their responsibilities to this child very seriously. Being divorced doesn’t mean you cant help but EXPECTING an ex to come do homework with the kids each night is insane.

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