Your Questions About Adhd Causes In Children

Chris asks…

does live yougurt help children with adhd?

my grandchild seems to ADHD and is causing a stressful household. a family member remembers reading this in a paper a couple of time that yougurt will help make her a little more calm

barry jennings answers:

I have a friend whos daughter has the same problem i dont think it has to be yougurt it just has to be any food that is natural and got no additives in it good look i now its not nice but some times you have to take all the things they like the most away eg sweets crisps fizzy pop

Sandy asks…

what is adhd in children?

can someone explain about adhd in children and the problems it can cause? thanks
i need know about the problems which occur as a result of adhd
thanks for all your help

barry jennings answers:

Muddlingalong has given you some sound information about ADHD/ADD. And I will reiterate that it is not due to BAD PARENTING and its is NOT a make believe disorder!

ADHD/ADD is a neurological disorder, functional MRI’s studies clearly show the area’s of the brain that is affected by ADHD/ADD, there is marked difference in brain activity, of the ADHD/ADD sufferer to the non sufferer. And there is also structural differences in the brain too.

Adults & children with ADHD/ADD have difficulty with Attention; staying focused on tasks, or completing tasks, and easily distracted by sounds, smells or others around them.
Impulsive behaviours; can’t help themselves by touching or doing something despite being told not to or knowing they should not. Which can lead to them making the wrong choices
Hyperactivity; appears to fidget (especially hands or feet) or be restless.
Interrupt others/things with out waiting, often impatient all of these can interfere with the persons schooling, work and or relationships.

People with ADHD/ADD often have low self-esteem & self image, problems with making and maintaining friends or relationships, problems with finding or staying employed, may have problems with sleep, either getting to or staying asleep, and they may suffer depression. Its not uncommon for them to have a learning disorder too.

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