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Mark asks…

What medication do you suggest for a 6 yr old boy diagnosed with adhd?

my son is adhd, very aggressive, violent, and hostile. he is in inpatient care at a adolecent psych hospital right now, and they want to start him on meds. any info, opinions, drug names and side effects would be greatly appreciated!

barry jennings answers:

This seems to me to involve more than ADHD, but view my answer at *
and put him on a natural diet, as shown with no additives, and minimal sugar. Use xylitol, and/or stevia, from health food stores; I find a 9:1 ratio is ideal for me.

View page 7 at* about BASIC HEALTHY DIET, and minimise highly processed grain products. Provide omega 3 krill, or fish oil. See such as
ADHD Childlike Behavior or Serious Condition, & Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids from Krill Oil. Fights ADHD, & Why do One in Ten Kids in the US Have ADHD.

Consider signing up for the regular free Ezine from, because they are the most visited natural health website in the world. I have learned a lot, and my health and immune system have been greatly helped.

The above should help, but will take several weeks to begin showing effects. He will still need to see a developmental psychologist, and you need to know how to cope with such behaviour as it may still occur from time to time.

Donald asks…

How can I learn to cope with my ADHD symptoms without medication?

I have adhd and I’m in college and I’m having a hard time focusing and remembering to do my homework. I always feel anxious, overwhelmed, discouraged, and unmotivated to do anything. I feel like I will never be successful. I tried medications and they worked but they made my heart race. I don’t want to use medications but sometimes I feel like it’s the only way to go. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

barry jennings answers:

There are tons of natural things to help! I’ve always used caffiene to help my symptoms. The pills just put me in a daze- I could concentrate but I didn’t have interest in anything. So instead I started drinking one cup of coffee every morning. It slowed everything down to a normal level, but I was still myself. This doesn’t work for everybody, so I would say to try if for a week and see if it helps you. Also, try running every morning. Physical exercise is the best thing for anybody, but especially for adhd. It gives you time to think and let your mind wander while using up your excess of energy that keeps you unfocused. The most important thing I did though was to focus on what is important to me. Us ADHD kids will never care about anything that isn’t of direct importance to us. If we don’t care we’ll end up not paying attention and then cramming for the final and scraping a C in the class- trust me I did this for years. But once I started to study about things I cared about I got straight A’s. So follow your heart and your mind will be happy.
Good luck!

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