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Chris asks…

How many of you have a female child with ADHD?

We have a nine year old daughter that is severely ADHD. She is on two kinds of medicine- morning and evening. She started her meds a few weeks ago. What are some of the ways you deal with the problems that happen with an ADHD child? Temper tamtrums, not listening, just plain moody sometimes. Since she started taking her medicine, she really has gotten better. We still have our problems though. She goes back in a few weeks for reevaluation. My husband and I are looking for a few tips to make things a little easier. We have two other children in the house as well-3 years and 10 months. Thanks for your answers.

barry jennings answers:

Increase her exercise…chances are she’s pretty sedentary, right?

There are studies being done by some physician (saw it on the news so I don’t have a URL reference, sorry) and he has shown that increasing the exercise in children causes the brain to naturally produce the stimulant the brain needs (that the medicine is doing now) to get rid or greatly reduce the ADHD symptoms.

Kids now a days are stimulated mentally but not much physically, and this is the body’s way of letting you know there’s problems…according to this physician.

But, his studies may have merit…I am an adult with ADD, and I have started exercising again regularly, and do not need the ritalin now…I just started that on my own…my physician is impressed.

Good luck!

Betty asks…

Is ADHD and Anxiety considered a mental illness for legal purposes?

I was considering applying for a concealed weapons permit.

“The applicant does not have a diagnosed mental illness at the time the application is made regardless of whether he or she is receiving treatment.”

I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety two years ago by a psychiatrist. I stopped going to the psychiatrist after realizing my concentration problems were due to anxiety. I no longer have anxiety problems.

Is anxiety disorder a mental illness? Will these two diagnoses hold me back in life?

barry jennings answers:

A high percentage of our population(including me) has ADD(HD).

But your dont have anxiety anymore, so you should be fine.

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