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Capture It! Uses Photography to Teach Children with Language and Social Skills Delays

Stockton, Calif. (PRWEB) March 20, 2009

Thanks to the new Capture It! educational materials, parents, teachers and therapists now have an easier way to teach communication and social skills to children with delayed language, attention deficit disorder, asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorders or pervasive developmental disorder.

Capture It! was recently released on and as three separate products: The Process, Templates and The Works. Capture It! The Process is a manual with step-by-step strategies for improving the language and social cognition skills of students of various ages and disabilities. Capture It! Templates is a collection of goals with blank templates that can be photocopied and then used to create a personalized workbook for students. Capture It! The Works, as the name indicates, is a combination of The Process and Templates.

The revolutionary Capture It! method involves using digital photography and technology to personalize speech therapy and social language skills with children of all ages. There are three secrets to the phenomenal success of the Capture It! method. First, the process of creating workbooks and videos includes the active participation of the students each at their own skill level. Second, images of the students themselves end up as the center point of their own scholastic material; they want to do homework and show it off to the whole family. Third, the technique is simple for the teachers. Capture It! simplifies difficult skills, enhancing students’ language and social cognition capabilities. The Capture It! technique was created by speech and language therapy veteran Wendy Frush M.A. CCC-SLP, who has achieved near-miraculous success in her professional work. Frush has authored the Capture It! resources to share her expertise and inspire others who interact with children with delayed language and social cognition.

Unlike traditional therapy and classroom techniques, Capture It! is a fun, efficient approach to helping students with complex communication needs deal more effectively with different people and situations. Its user-friendly format is carefully designed to engage parents and let them know how to support the learning process. Although the Capture It! materials were just recently released, their methodology is supported by years of research, expertise and results.

Capture It! The Process, Capture It! Templates and Capture It! The Works are invaluable resources for anyone who works with children with delayed language, attention deficit disorder, asperger’s syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders. Each Capture It! product is available as a square-bound paperback or a spiral-bound manual, with prices starting at just under $ 40. For more information, please visit , or Or contact Marketing Director Gary Frush directly at (209) 474-1400.

About the Author

Wendy Frush M.A. CCC-SLP has worked as a speech and language specialist in the public school system for 35 years, five of which were spent teaching Severe Oral Language Handicapped classes. She also serves as a clinical supervisor and guest speaker at the University of the Pacific. As a professional, Frush is especially interested in the area of autism spectrum disorders. She recently completed the Specialized Studies Program on Autism Spectrum Disorders through the Mind Institute at the University of California, Davis. Frush is based in Stockton, Calif.

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