Information on ADD and ADHD – Limit Your Surfing On The Net

Information on ADD and ADHD – Limit Your Surfing On The Net

There is so much information on ADHD and ADD now on the Net that it is a jungle and sometimes, parents get lost and this is more than understandable. My suggestion is to limit your surfing. In this way, the tsunami of information about ADHD in children will become more manageable and you will not be so overwhelmed. Also if you want to adopt a natural homeopathic cure, your time on the Net will be drastically cut as there is no need to worry about health monitoring, side effects and long term risks. Using an ADHD homeopathic remedy cuts all that out as there are no risks at all or side effects.

Why not network with other parents. Why go through this alone? The best way to do this is to seek out your local ADHD parents support group. If you have problems with that or there simply isn’t one in your area, chatting on online forums is a great way to get information on ADHD and ADD and gives you the chance to let off steam, ask advice or just hang out!

Find out about ADHD behaviour therapy. As well as medication, experts say that without psychological interventions, there will be little progress and ADHD meds will not teach your child about managing time, tasks, schoolwork, chores and self-control. Instead of surfing the Net to find out yet more information about ADHD in children, invest more time on this crucial aspect of your child’s development. If you opt out of this, you will be faced with defiant,disobedient teenagers who will be out of control and who may end up in a juvenile court.

By using behaviour therapy and establishing a code of conduct with suitable rewards and withdrawal of privileges, the child will soon learn that unacceptable behaviour such as shouting and disruptive behaviour will not pay off. Acceptable behaviour such as completing tasks like homework or chores done on time will result in rewards and bonuses of various kinds. There are even computerised programs which do all the recording and scoring for you.

Another source of information on ADHD and ADD is all the debate about what your child should be eating. If you have managed to eliminate gradually all the processed foods, additives and colourings which are definitely linked to behavior disorders and have privileged fresh food, fruit and vegetables, then you need look no further. There is no diet for ADHD – there is only a healthy diet which will prevent obesity, diabetes and help with ADHD symptoms into the bargain !

By reducing your time on the Internet in searching for sometimes doubtful information on ADHD and ADD,you can dedicate more time to your child and your spouse. With the extra time you can really get to grips with running the family so that you can preserve your sanity and also your family’s happiness. There is more information on ways to do this in the links below.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available.
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