Help With ADHD ? 7 Strategies For Coping With ADHD

Help With ADHD ? 7 Strategies For Coping With ADHD

Knowledge is power when it comes to finding help with ADHD. In many ways help with ADHD is an ever changing landscape which requires a great deal of patience to manage various mental, emotional, physical, and lifestyle challenges, setbacks, and detours connected to living with the disorder. Nevertheless, creating a solid foundation to face the challenge associated with attention deficit disorder is one of the keys to navigating this winding road successfully. These seven tips will help you to do just that.

Help with ADHD – 7 strategies for coping with ADHD

*Diet matters: Those with ADHD often crave the very things that make their symptoms worse such as simple carbohydrates and caffeine. Finding substitutes for these two ADHD triggers is a good first step in placing yourself on a solid footing for improvement. Generally speaking a diet designed to reduce ADHD symptoms should revolve around a low carbohydrate, high protein diet ,all the while keeping caffeine consumption to a minimum, especially in the late afternoon and evening hours.

*Watch out for pesticides: A recent study involving 1,139 children in the United States found that those with traces of pesticides in their urine were twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. Produce seems to be one of the biggest culprits according to the USDA. In a representation sample of fruits and vegetables 28 percent of blueberries, 20 percent of celery, and 25 percent of strawberries all contained the very type of pesticide (organophosphates) that have been linked to ADHD. Other types of organophosphates were found in 27 percent of green beans, 17 percent of peaches, and 8 percent of broccoli. The best advice is to buy organic when possible, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before serving, and peel when possible.

*Minimize distractions: For those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder maintaining focus or shifting that focus quickly are both major challenges. In order to minimize the impact of these symptoms everything possible should be done to create a distraction free environment at home, at school, or at work. If that isn’t possible consider buying a white noise machine that emits nature sounds to help neutralize the noise.

*Stay active: For those with ADHD inactivity often leads to depression, boredom, and a loss of self-esteem. To prevent this from happening create an anti-boredom area stocking it with things that interest you (or your ADHD child) such as arts and craft supplies, sports equipment, new toys, books, and games. Think of it as preemptive medicine for the next time inactivity sends your ADHD symptoms spiraling out of control.

*Don’t let impulsivity be your undoing: Those with ADHD have a tendency to do things they may regret after the fact. If this is the case learn to breath in deeply and let the air out slowly as you count to ten. You just might be surprised at how quickly those  impulsive thoughts disappear.

*Become a list master: Lists can be quite helpful for anyone with attention deficit disorder and may be the most important suggestion of all. Remember most of those struggling with this condition have trouble focusing and tend to be very forgetful. So becoming a list master is a must in the overall spectrum for help with ADHD.

*Consider natural remedies or behavioral therapy: Both natural remedies for ADHD and cognitive behavioral therapy have been shown to be very effective in managing ADHD symptoms without the often talked about side effects associated with prescription ADHD medications. These types of alternative treatments can be used both as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other non-prescription alternatives quite effectively.

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