Your Questions About Adhd Medications Side Effects

Maria asks…

Are the side effects of adhd medications worth the side effects?

barry jennings answers:

No! I would try an herb before trying a dangerous medication.

Passion flower (passiflora) is been shown to be very effective. It is on the GRAS list (generally recognized as safe) and can be taken in large quantities with no negative effects.

It is not really sedating, rather it is referred to as a hypnotic. It is also used as an anti-anxiety and been shown effective for epilepsy.

Carol asks…

ADHD Medication Side Effects?

I’m on Vyvanse for ADHD. I’ve been at 60mg for about five weeks, and this is the dosage that’s most effective for my ADHD symptoms. Additionally, Vyvanse has been so much more effective for me than other medications. However, I am noticing a fair amount of anxiety with it. At this point, it’s not enough to give up on the medication, but it’s definitely not pleasant! I know that anxiety can be a symptom with any stimulant medication. Have any of you experienced this? Does it decrease over time?

barry jennings answers:

I do not know but you must consider if the side effects are worth it. If they are stick with it!

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Your Questions About Adhd Meds

Daniel asks…

ADHD Meds?

Ok, so my 5, almost 6 yo, has been diagnosed with ADHD. (It’s been a long haul!!) We have been trying everything for the past 2 years to not have to put him on meds but at this point we have run out of other options to help him. My question is does anyone have any experience with ADHD drugs? the dr want’s ritalin but I am not sure. I have read up on the different meds available and so far it is between ritalin and conterta. Some insight would be nice right about now. Thanks for anything!

barry jennings answers:

Both meds have thier own list of issues for short and long term use…

Concerta is the newer of the 2. I have done work with ADHD kids and have ADHD in my extended family as well.

I really like Ritalin SR.. But Im not sure what does your MD would put your child on. I think it only comes in 20mg dosing

The nice thing bout it is…. It is sustained release… Sooooooo
a child can take it in the am and not get a roller coaster effect during the day.

Also used to be many docs would recommend drug holidays on weekends and when kids are off school…
I really feel that is some cases where the behavior off the meds is soooo disruptive it will make for a miserable time for all including the child that is not the best thing…

Itis very important your child also gets some type of cognitive therapy, behavior mod etc… Because it is VERY likely that as an adult she will still have some ADHD issues… Adult ADD is very common… Many adults can do well off meds if they have learned those coping skills as children.

You are right its a long haul and you are only in the beginning but maybe on teh down hill of it I hope!

I wish you luck,..and remember… Not all but MANY physicians tend to prescribe the drugs the Pharmecuitical reps are pushing the hardest..the newer ones and some even get kick backs

Seriously it goes on.. I know it for a fact!
You choose….. Its YOUR child

Good Luck

Joseph asks…

adhd meds:)…………………….?

im 17 and just recently been diagnosed with ADHD but i dont want the doctors medications as of there side affects. but if i take two vaxa attend tablets along with two vaxa extress tablets a day will this help? 10 points to the best answer.
&+ they work just as good as stimulants 🙂 e.g ritalin.

barry jennings answers:

Medication kills the imagination.
They do not know how they work!
Its chemical warfare on your brain function.

Vaxa is waste of money.

Learn to concentrate.
Sit with your back straight.
Keep tongue on roof of mouth.
close your eyes and relax
then repeat.

Develop your own interests.

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Your Questions About Adhd Cures

Sandra asks…

adhd cures?

Need help for my grandson. This is getting out of hand.

barry jennings answers:

1. There is no cure for ADHD but there is treatment that helps us.

2. You need a diagnosis and possibly medication and coping skills

3. You need the authority to do all this for your grandson. You didn’t really say if you were legal gardian for your grandson.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone have any knowledge about natural ADHD cures/or alternatives to the major stimulants (ie, Adderall)?

barry jennings answers:

You could try a product called Attend seen here:

It didn’t work for my daughter, but did for my friend’s son. His grades went up and he could focus on his homework. It’s worth a try, but you may want to check with your doctor first.

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Your Questions About Adhd Diets Toddlers

Sandy asks…

three year old WILL NOT SLEEP any over counter remedies??

Ok….I have about to be three in october ALL BOY that does not take naps any more and for the last four to five months will NOT go to sleep until 12am-1am 2am!!!!!!! I can’t take it any more we don’t give him and sugar, caffeine juice with surgar or ANYTHING any more NOthing we have the same bedtime routine we’ve always had so thats not the problem…….He is wide open from 6:30am until finally at 12am-1am 2am!!!!!! non stop runnig and just definatly being all boy!!! some one told me they took the son used to be the same age as mine to their doctor and they recomended and all natural TINY pill that has no side affects or additions that are over the counter to help them go to sleep he said give them about 15 minutes before bed and withing 30 minutes they’ll be sleeping like a baby and wake up happy and calmer BUt he couldn’t remember the name of it or where he purchased it My son does not have a doctor because we can not afford it we are pretty much dependent on the health deparment and E.R. which can not address this problem we have tried every thing from 3hour winding downs with reading talking warm milk no milk light no light excetra also changing his diet and eleminating certain foods nothing works I pretty sure he has adhd but I don’t want him on ridalin or any thing

so have you ever heard of these pills or any thing else safe to give a toddler to help them go to sleep I’m at my whits end!!!!!!!

please help!!!!

barry jennings answers:

Hylands makes a homopathic forumla called calm child, try this, hope it helps

Robert asks…

Toddler Drama PLEASE HELP?

My daughter is 2 in august and is extreamly active infact my local parenting centre believe she may have ADHD although this can not be officially diogonosed until the child is school aged i am waiting for an appointment with a child phycologist, her childcare centre have told me that they sruggle to deal with her and her disruptive behaviour she seems to always be into things that she knows she can not touch the best way to ecplain my toddler is she does all the same things that any other two year old does but its like she is on speed and is so full on. No one will baby sit her and no punishment works i have been getting help from the professionals with disiciplane techniques amd they are out of options. I feel like i am going to rip my hair out. I put her in her room so i can have a break but as soon as she gets out she just goes back to being naughty and i feel guilty for having her in her room so often. Mums what can i do to help my toddler?? i have tried time out, smacking, taking away toys, reward programs, and she is on a special behaviour diet given to me by a dietition. Please help this little girl is making me insane

barry jennings answers:

~Hugs~ From one mom of a difficult kiddo to another. Does she have any language? It is great that you are getting an evaluation because that was the first thing I thought of. A developmental eval from a developmental psychologist. Some things that have worked to calm my son down back when his engine was always running on high were weighted vests and joint compression. He used to be awake for hours in the middle of the night. It could be worth checking out if she has any sensory issues, via an evaluation from an occupational therapist. Are you sure she understands, like that her receptive language is on track for her age? Good luck, I really believe you will get a ton more insight after the evaluation.

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Your Questions About Adhd Medications And Weight Loss

James asks…

out of all the ADHD medications, which causes the most weight loss?

i might have ADHD, and i heard medications cause weight loss. im not wanting the weight loss, just curious 🙂 thank you btw im 14, female

barry jennings answers:

All the ones that are stimulants can cause weight loss. They are powerful appetite suppressants. There is no one in particular that will cause the MOST weight loss. Some are more potent then others, but they are all prescribed to a certain amount to have the same effect.

Maria asks…

How to gain weight if I am on 2 medications that have weight loss side effect?

I’m on an antidepressant an an ADHD medication and it makes me loose my apitite and makes ne loose weight I try eating all the time but im still 103 and I’m a 5 foot 5 16 year old girl. How do I gain weight

barry jennings answers:

What kind of meds would cause Weight loss like that? You could try high calorie protein shakes along with your regular meals

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Your Questions About Adhd Medications

Mandy asks…

adhd medications…..?

Does anyone know of any ADHD medications that are NOT controlled substances?

barry jennings answers:

Not than I am aware of. But before you go that route, my son was diagnosed AD HD, not wanting to give him amphetamines I started researching. We learned that some children have food allergies, my son had reaction to food coloring (a petroleum product) and preservatives. He would go nuts if given a hot dog! He became combative, irritable, restless, etc.. He was given a very low time released dose of Ritalin to help him through the school day, about one fifth the amount other children were prescribed. Might be worth checking out. Good luck!

George asks…

ADHD Medications?????

If ADHD patients take a stimulant and it helps them focus by slowing down there thoughts. What can ADHD patients take to help them when they are tired or sleepy or just need a good pick me up?

barry jennings answers:

I take Ritalin and it does keep me awake and alert, while at the same helping me focus. It is also prescribed for mild narcolepsy, so that’s what is happening. If I get sleeping in mid-day (like almost asleep at the wheel), I realize my Ritalin has worn off. Just don’t OVERDO it.

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