ADD-care – A natural alternative, homeopathic reduce symptoms associated with attention deficit disorder

ADD-care – A natural alternative, homeopathic reduce symptoms associated with attention deficit disorder

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 19, 2009

ADD-care provides a natural and homeopathic alternative for reducing symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and deficit attention / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without a prescription and without negative side effects. The results included in a study of chronic medication use in children aged 5 to 19 December 2008 Published in the journal Pediatrics by researchers at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts and Kansas Health Institute concluded that the usage patterns of ADD and ADHD medication increased 40.4 percent during the study period of four years.

“As I watch this year after year percentage rise, it is not surprising that parents are still reluctant to put their children on medication unless absolutely necessary,” said Jef Gazley, MS , LMFT and developer of add-care. “With a strong desire to improve their child’s behavior, focus, learning ability and attention, most parents are turning to Ritalin, Adderall or other synthetic amphetamines unaware that a natural homeopathic solution exists. ADD-care provides parents with the promise of a natural supplement that has shown in tests of brain imaging to meet or exceed the performance of the usual medications prescribed . “

For years the naturopathic community has claimed to effectively manage symptoms consistent with ADD without the use of stimulants, but added care is the only product to deliver on this claim. In fact, SPECT (Single Photon Emission Tomography) scans, administered by the clinic Amen, show a comparison of one-on-top of the surface of the brain with the use of add-guard, then with 20 mg of sulfate amphetamine, the active ingredients used in the stimulant Adderall. Deep pockets usually visible in the area of ​​the prefrontal cortex of patients with ADD, depicting decreased blood flow, are smooth and symmetrical with add-garde indicating improved concentration and reduced impulsivity. Overall, ADD-breaking 85-95% both in the prefrontal cortex, and outperformed Adderall with a 20% improvement on tests of brain scan imaging surface. For testing of internal brain image, the add-breaking 40-60% better than the traditional ADD / ADHD drugs.

“My son Peter was trying both the ADD-care supplement and Adderall XR (15 mg),” says one mother of a son who has struggled with ADD for more than 15 years *. “When Peter took the entrance exams for Glendale Community College he was trying both the ADD-care supplement and Adderall XR (15 mg). Monday, he tested the reading and very high scores in writing and math. (Note he took the math test wrong.) It was only four points in the honors program in writing. The following Thursday, Peter took the written test again and the correct math test, but this time he was on Adderall. He passed the math test and scored only three points of the meeting of the honors English program. For Peter, this is very good and he stayed focused study for two days. It would have been unthinkable in the past and we attribute this success to ADD-garde. “

benefits of taking ADD-care far outnumber those of its prescription counterparts. Not only is an unnecessary requirement and the cost more affordable for ADD treatment, but patients reported no adverse effects on appetite or sleep by taking the natural supplement. “After using two ADD-care and Adderall, I overwhelmingly chose to continue with further treatment care for my ADD symptoms,” said a patient who suffered from ADD all his life *. “I discovered the prescription drug left me feeling jittery and gave me a slight, but constant headaches. With add-guard, I feel calm, normal, focused and alert. My ADD symptoms are significantly reduced without negative side effects or addictive. “

about ADD-Care

ADD-Care ™ is 100% natural supplement designed to fight against the negative stigma associated with the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, helping adults and children to find an alternative solution to reduce the symptoms consistent with disorder, all the same time avoiding the many side effects associated with stimulants most commonly prescribed. ADD-Care ™ is made from a proprietary blend of amino acids and a homeopathic agent. ADD-care provides a full range of natural products for symptoms compatible with most common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. For more information, please call 1-866-998-0560 or visit our website at

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